AMD's Flagship GPU Could Arrive At Computex 2020

AMD Nvidia Killer
AMD Nvidia Killer The Budget Techie

According to Videocardz, AMD could be unvieling its flagship 'Nvidia Killer' GPU at Computex this year. Why we cannot discard this information is because Videocardz is a well-known source for GPU-related leaks. The website tweeted the following:

According to the tweet, AMD is set to reveal its new Navi GPU, which is also refered to as the 'Nvidia Killer' at this year's Computex in June. Naturally, one cannot trust a single rumor like this, but it does make sense seeing that it is the time when GPU manufacturers start announcing their new GPU lineups. However, the question that remains is whether the GPU manufacturer will actually launch the GPU or just make an announcement with a launch date.

Nonetheless, we do know that AMD will be launching a high-end Navi GPU sometime this year, and Computex definitely makes a suitable platform for the launch.

Additionally, a leaked EEC filing mentioned AMD's Radeon RX 5950XT, which could turn out to be the product name for the incoming high-end GPU from AMD. Several rumors also suggested that the company would be making the reveal of the 'Nvidia Killer' GPU some time in mid-2020, which aligns with the Computex event that is taking place in June.

Moreover, since Nvidia's new GPU lineups are on the horizon, AMD needs to get its skates on with its high-end GPU to compete against the likes of the RTX 3080, which can set up a whole new challenging ground for the Radeon cards manufacturer.

Although there are so many rumors floating around these days, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Big Navi card will be revealed at Computex, because all of it ultimately depends on whether or not the Nvidia Killer is ready. And if it is not, we might not see the reveal in June, or even this year. As always, all we can do is just wait and watch as the events unfold. At the same time, we can certainly expect these leaks and rumors to grow as the year progresses.

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