AMD Will Launch Its Next-Gen Navi Graphics Cards At This Year’s E3

The 7nm Navi architecture is expected for a soft launch at the gaming-centric event.
AMD's new architecture, the Navi.
AMD's new architecture, the Navi. AMD

After the booming success of the Ryzen Threadripper, AMD is looking to capitalize on its newfound market dominance with the release of their newest GPU architecture, the Navi.

While it’s guaranteed that AMD will talk about Navi during Computex 2019, a report from TweakTown states that the graphics card will be formally introduced during an event with a much larger audience: E3 2019.

E3 will be held a few weeks after Computex, and there is still some speculation about what is going to be revealed at both events. Ryzen, alongside Radeon RX, was released more than two years ago, and going by various reports, the new Navi architecture completely blows both off the water in terms of both processing power and cost efficiency.

The biggest reason for the move of a soft launch to E3 may have to do with the fact that Navi is set to power the two biggest next-gen consoles for both Microsoft and Sony. What better audience to present it to than a gaming-centric event? Despite this, the full launch of the Navi will still be on July 7, as AMD is looking to capitalize on leveraging the fact that they will be the first company to use a 7nm architecture. Both Zen 2 and the Navi architectures have previously been revealed to sport the ludicrous 7nm architecture.

Performance-wise, there’s major speculation that it can easily beat the current Radeon RX Vega 64 and even comes close to the Nvidia RTX 2080. Most likely, Nvidia’s 2080Ti will still be king of the high-end graphics card market, but that never mattered to AMD, seeing as they want to dominate that mid-range market.

This release is monumental for AMD for two reasons: one, that their newer architecture can perform up to speed and so much more, and two, that if Navi does prove to be the giant it poses to be, then AMD would have secured the mid-range market dominance for the next few years. AMD’s Polaris is the choice of both Microsoft and Sony for their PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, while Vega saw heavy use under last year’s line-up of Apple computers.

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