Amazon Prime Day - Amazing Deals On Xbox One S Bundles, Accessories And Peripherals

Get a super stylish Xbox One controller with the All-Digital Xbox One S, plus more great deals for any Xbox One player.
Check out these amazing deals for the Xbox One, all thanks to Amazon's Prime Day sales.
Check out these amazing deals for the Xbox One, all thanks to Amazon's Prime Day sales. Microsoft

One of Amazon’s biggest sales of the year is once again upon us, bringing with it deals like no other for thousands of different choices for every kind of gamer there is. Prime Day 2019 will be available from today, July 15, until tomorrow, which is the prime time to take a gander at what you’re missing in your different game collections, be it titles, accessories, and other peripherals.

For this set of deals, we’re taking a look at some of the best offerings available for your Xbox One console, including some very nifty peripherals that will enhance your overall gaming experience on the system. With Game Pass Ultimate now available and a lot of amazing titles all lined up for Microsoft’s console, there’s no better time to get these accessories than Prime Day to get the best savings possible.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best deals going on right now for accessories and peripherals for the Xbox One.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition + Xbox Phantom White Controller

With Game Pass Ultimate now available for those looking for a mostly digital experience, the best way to break into the Xbox ecosystem for newcomers to the platform is the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Prime Day made this even better, as this deal also comes bundled with the incredibly stylish Xbox Phantom White controller, an incredible value for its price.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is relatively cheaper than the original Xbox One S, and lacks an optical reader due to its all-digital nature. However, it’s worth noting that you also get a beefy 1 TB of storage for all your digital titles, as well as three games bundled specifically for this limited-time deal: Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves. You also get a free month for Xbox Live Gold for online multiplayer titles, and the bundled Xbox One controller means more fun for two at an amazing value.

Turtle Beach XO One

Some of the best values in the market for gaming headphones can be found in Turtle Beach’s lineup, all of which boast great performance and aesthetics for incredibly competitive prices. Sitting on the relatively mid-ranged end of the spectrum is the Turtle Beach XO One, which is arguably one of the best deals you can get at the price point, even without the amazing Prime Day sale on top. The XO One is made specifically for the Xbox One family of consoles, and comes with additional functionality to enhance your overall audio experience with the system.

The Turtle Beach XO One sports larger 50mm speakers that gives you every crisp high and thundering low. It can be connected hassle-free with any Xbox One controller, putting all audio controls at your fingertips. The removable mic is fully adjustable, getting your voice loud and clear during gaming sessions and folded out of sight if you’re just doing single-player titles or watching a movie. The ear cushions are made with mesh fabric and foam cushioning, allowing you to play in comfort for hours on end.

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

Your gateway into driving games on the Xbox One need not be an expensive venture, as evident with the Logitech G920. With Prime Day in full swing, you can expect that number to go even lower, making this an amazing purchase and a true must-have for any player who wishes to experience driving titles like the Forza or Dirt series in a next-level way. The set is especially made for use with the Xbox One, but for those who own a console and a PC, this comes as a double boon, as it can also work with PCs.

The G920 features two components: a steering wheel and a set of pedals, both offering quite the immersive driving experience. The entire set is backed by durable solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel pedals and a hand-stitched leather wheel grip for a premium feel and build without breaking your bank. The dual-motor force feedback realistically simulates the racing experience with smooth, quiet helical gearing, making for a driving experience on the console like no other.

Space Two Controller Skin by Controller Gear, for the Xbox One controller

The Xbox One controller is an amazing piece of hardware that comes in all kinds of designs, from minimalistic to wacky, outspoken ones. For players who want to keep switching it up while not putting out money for a new controller altogether, the solution is controller skins, which dress up your controller in a myriad of ways. Controller Gear offers a wide variety of these skins, with the Space Two design being given the Prime Day treatment.

The skin itself is made out superior 3M materials that’s extensively tested and approved by Xbox beforehand. It also has quite the ultra-real, full color printing that’s sure to please any fan of galactic themes. Heck, it even goes well with a neon build, thanks to its blue and violet design. Installation is also quite easy, as you only need to peel the skin off, press it on, and there it is – a skin for your Xbox One controller, giving it a brand-new look without needing to spend a ton on a new controller.

PowerA Console Stand for Xbox One S

Did you know there are certain benefits to be had from placing your consoles in a vertical (upright) position. The most beneficial one is proper airflow, thanks to the fact that standing the console up will now free up the vents on the bottom, giving your console more headroom for performance. Xbox One S owners who have not yet taken the vertical pill may now do so with this amazing deal for an Xbox One S stand courtesy of PowerA, who is well known for their amazing accessories lineup for every kind of console there is.

The stand is also officially licensed by Microsoft, meaning you can safely use it without any issues or fear of knocking it over. The stand comes with a lock for the console itself, keeping your Xbox One S in place vertically and worry-free. The base is quite stable as well, and stands on some non-slip pads to hold the whole thing in place. The benefits of standing a console vertically also extend to aesthetics as well, as an upright console is arguably sexier than a horizontally placed one.

So, what do you think? Which of these accessories for the Xbox One will you be getting? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on peripherals, accessories, and other hardware for the whole duration of Amazon's Prime Day sales event.

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