Amazon Prime Day - The Best Offers On Nintendo Switch Accessories Available Now On Amazon's Biggest Sale

Get your Nintendo Switch some much needed love in the form of various accessories, with some of the biggest deals this Prime Day.
It's time for Amazon's biggest sale of the year, and we've got some of the best deals for various Switch accessories and peripherals on sale.
It's time for Amazon's biggest sale of the year, and we've got some of the best deals for various Switch accessories and peripherals on sale. Amazon

One of Amazon’s biggest sales of the year is once again upon us, bringing with it deals like no other for thousands of different choices for every kind of gamer there is. Prime Day 2019 will be available from today, July 15, until tomorrow, which is the prime time to take a gander at what you’re missing in your different game collections, be it games, accessories, and other peripherals.

For this set of deals, we’re taking a look at various accessory offerings for the Nintendo Switch, which are must-haves if you truly want to enjoy what the system has to offer. From entire systems, to controllers, storage cards and everything else in between, be sure to check these out and more to get the best bang for your buck with the next two days of Prime Day deals.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the must-have Switch accessories for Prime Day 2019.

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con + $35 Nintendo eShop Gift Card [Digital Code]

Prime Day is one of the best times for Switch owners to not only get new accessories for their system, but also for newcomers to get a Switch of their own. Maybe you might even get a second one if you already have a Switch. Either way, you can check out Amazon’s Prime Day deal for the entire Nintendo Switch system, which comes with the console, a set of Joy-cons, the dock and a bunch of accessories. The Prime Day deal applies to both grey-colored Joy-cons, or the much more whimsical blue and red set.

To sweeten that deal, you also get a great value add-on with a Nintendo eShop Gift Card worth $35. This eShop Gift Card can be used in a variety of digital titles in the Switch’s growing library of games, including hit first-party stuff like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Of course, there’s also amazing third-party stuff as well, like Doom, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled and so much more.

PDP Nintendo Switch System Backpack Elite Edition

The Switch is both a home console and a portable gaming system, and there are some cases in between where you have to bring that whole system with you, accessories and all. While you can do it in a messenger bag, that can be a bit bulky and gives away that you’re carrying a Switch, you can choose to be more discreet with the PDP Nintendo Switch backpack, which offers ample room for your entire Nintendo Switch system, including the console and its many accessories.

What’s more, it does it all in this muted, yet still stylish look that’s pretty spacious inside. The design also allows for some extra space in between, and you can use it to also carry a laptop and some other personal accessories if your getaway calls for these kinds of gadgets. It’s also quite durable, as officially it’s licensed by Nintendo, and comes with padded straps and a carry handle to make it easy to use and carry around.

PowerA Hybrid Cover for Nintendo Switch - Zelda Breath of the Wild

Protecting your Switch comes in many different forms, and while most will be happy to slap a hard case on the whole system (Joy-cons included) and call it a day, some more discerning users may see it worthwhile to invest in something that’s a bit more elegant and modern. I’m talking, of course, about PowerA’s hybrid cover for the Switch, which features a wrap-around design that’s secured by a discreet Velcro and magnetic closure. It’s more stylish than just a regular hard case, while still offering some much-needed protection for your Switch.

This particular hybrid cover also comes with a great cover art featuring Link as he appears in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so fans of that critically-acclaimed title can now show off their favorite game even when they’re not playing it. The cover also doubles as a very secure kickstand, allowing you to choose between three distinct viewing angles to better enjoy your Switch experience.

HyperX ChargePlay Quad

Owning more than one set of Joy-cons is one of the best first things you can do to enhance your overall Switch experience, but this does come with a disadvantage as now you need somewhere to charge the extra pairs. Fortunately, there are a myriad of different offerings on the market that offer to charge your extra Joy-cons while you continue to play, and if you’re looking for a great value in a very premium package, look no further than the HyperX ChargePlay Quad, a charging dock for two sets of Nintendo Switch Joy-cons.

The dock is quite small and can fit in carrying cases for when you want to bring it along, as well as conveniently four Joy-cons at any given time. It also comes with a very handy LED battery indicator ring to let you know which Joy-cons are fully charged, so that you can easily swap them out for another. Operation is easy as well for the ChargePlay Quad, as you only need to glide your Joy-con into the base for a hassle-free charging experience.

PowerA Compact Metal Stand for Nintendo Switch

A decent charging stand is a must-have for any Switch owner on the go for when he or she inevitably wants to prop the console on a table with the controllers separated. Sure, you can rely on the included kickstand on the back of the console, but then you’ll be missing out on charging the Switch while you’re playing it, which means less time for play. For those situations, do yourself a favor and get a PowerA Compact Metal Stand for the Switch, which is now an amazing deal thanks to Prime Day.

The metal stand is quite minimalistic in design, although you will not want for more when it comes to overall durability and stability. It’s made of a durable metal alloy with included two-point articulation, allowing you to adjust the Switch to different viewing angles. A set of rubber pads hold the Nintendo Switch in place, while the non-slip feet keep the stand steady at all times. It also folds quite neatly into your pocket or in the included drawstring bag, which is amazing as a space saver.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Premium Game Card Case - Minecraft Creeper

It’s always nice to see that physical media still has a place in gaming today, and nowhere is the sentiment more evident than on the Nintendo Switch platform. Although you can get most of the games downloaded to an SD card through the eShop, which carries a fantastic lineup of titles, there’s no better feeling than actually getting a cartridge to slot in and out of your Nintendo Switch. Of course, management for these can present issues, so for those woes, be sure to get your own PowerA Nintendo Switch Premium Game Card Case, which stores all your cartridges in one spot so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them any longer.

This particular card case comes styled like the face of the iconic Minecraft creeper, so if you’re big fan of the cultural phenomenon and commercially successful title, this one’s a bonus. The card case itself can store up to 12 cartridges, which should be more than enough for a player’s needs most of the time. Not only that, but you can also store up to 12 micro SD cards in this thing, so you can also keep your digital collection within reach if they’re on separate storage cards. The games themselves are kept secure with form-fitting rubber slots that secure the game cards in place, while the snap closure mechanic keeps all the case’s contents safe and worry-free.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grip

The Switch is innovative in more ways than one, but the aspect that shines the most is the control scheme in place, as evidenced by the Joy-Cons. The pair can be used separately for motion controls, or it can be joined together with an included grip for the console. Of course, if you prefer using the Joy-Cons in this manner, you can get a special one from PowerA which boasts a unique design along with a durable build quality.

This particular grip features a Diamond Sword, one of the more popular items from Minecraft. You can check out other designs as well if you want a more personalized grip that reflects your favorite games on the Switch. The comfort grip itself features an ergonomic design and is quite lightweight, while still offering the same feature set as the included grip for your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) – Gray

This one should be a no-brainer, as you’re almost always going to need another pair of Joy-Cons. With the Prime Day deals at hand, now is the perfect time to grab another set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, the innovative controllers designed by Nintendo that separate the system from other consoles. You can get them in pairs and in various colors, like Gray (featured), Neon Pink and Neon Green (Splatoon 2 color scheme), Neon Red and Neon Blue, and Neon Yellow.

With the recent announcement for the Switch Lite which does away with the Joy-Cons, it’s not hard to see what you’re missing out on if you will opt into that hardware rather than the original Switch. The Joy-Cons can be used independently in either hand, docked on the console during handheld play, or joined together with a grip. Some games will also allow you to use both independently from each other with two players, and with two sets of Joy-Cons you get a bigger party of four.

SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Digital purchases can be rough on the Switch’s onboard memory, as the console only carries 32GB of storage, which also includes the system’s OS. It’s no secret, then, that one of the earliest things to get for your Nintendo Switch is a micro SD card capable of fast read and write speeds, while also giving you plenty of storage to store all your digital titles. Prime Day covers a lot of possible deals, but one of the best ones is the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card with 128GB capacity.

The card’s huge storage is sufficient to hold all the essential titles on your Nintendo Switch, and is a great first pick-up overall. Going by recent capacity trends, you can expect to fit in around 10 to 20 or more digital titles with this card, while operating at fast speeds of 160MB/s read speeds and 90MB/s write speeds. It also comes with an SD card adapter, which allows you to pop it into a PC.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

There aren’t as varied options in the way for audio on the Switch, and so it goes that it’s a boon whenever you get something for the console. If you want premium quality in one of the cheapest prices available, made even sweeter with its Prime Day deal, then get the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core, a headset especially made for gaming on consoles.

The Stinger Core comes in a muted black and blue design, with great ergonomics designed to fit into a circum-aural position around your head. The 40mm directional drivers make for quite the spectacular audio quality, while the soft ear cushions provide just the right amount of comfort for longer gaming sessions. The included microphone is pretty great as well, allowing you to swivel it away to mute for when you’re not using it.

So, what do you think? Which of these Nintendo Switch accessories will you be getting? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on peripherals, accessories and other hardware for the whole duration of Amazon's Prime Day sales event.

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