Amazon Prime Day 2021: Go Old School with These Handheld Game Console Deals

A blast from the past.
A blast from the past. CredevZone

Nowadays, video gaming is widely accepted, though there was a time when playing video games was limited to a certain group. Now, you've got the chance to relive those days, not playing with a few people but the games themselves.

There are now Handheld Game Consoles available with classic titles installed. Today, we take a look at such offers for Amazon Prime Day 2021.

The Perfect Gift

The Jueapu Handheld Game Console has a 3-inch screen and can be connected to the TV with the 9.8-inch AV data cable. It comes with 500 free classic games installed, no need to download them or insert cards. The game collection is also diverse so that you can play a new game each day.

A good gift.
A good gift. Jueapu

This game console is indeed the perfect gift, no matter the age. You can actually gift this anytime, be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Its size ensures that you can place it in your bag or pocket and bring it with you anywhere.

Portable and Elegant

This Retro Handheld Game Console from Ksasmile may only have 400 games installed but that doesn't mean it isn't a good buy. Besides the console itself, it comes with a gamepad to enjoy those two-player games. Meanwhile, the enjoyment of playing video games lasts for quite some time with the built-in 800 mAh lithium battery that lasts for up to eight hours.

Play with family or friends.
Play with family or friends. Ksasmile

While already compact and lightweight, it comes with a retro game box that not only ensures the safety of this device but also lets you carry it anywhere with you.

Enjoy Nostalgia

The Handheld Game Console from CredevZone is probably the one with the most games, at least 650 of them. It also stores the games in a unique game file and folder list systematically. This lets you find the game you want to play faster.

Play a lot of games.
Play a lot of games. CredevZone

Its 4.3-inch screen lets you enjoy those games even better. There is also the Save & Load feature that makes sure no more data is lost and no need to start again.

So what do you think? Ready to enjoy those retro games?

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