Amazon Games and Bandai Namco Bringing Blue Protocol to North America in 2023

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Amazon Games and Bandai Namco Online are bringing Blue Protocol to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The game is launching in those regions in the second half of 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. This upcoming free-to-play game offers multiplayer online action and beautiful anime-inspired art.

Players will go on a heroic journey across Regnas, a world on the brink of destruction due to a millennium of conflict and technology overuse. They need to unite and harness the mysterious light called Flux and defeat powerful enemies. In the game, they can customize their character and choose from these five unique classes:

  • The sturdy Blade Warden
  • The valiant Twin Striker
  • The versatile Keen Strider
  • The multifaceted Spell Weaver
  • The damage-dealing Foe Breaker

In their adventure, players are aided by Echoes, mystical summoned creatures with powerful attacks, as they unlock their memories and fight to save the world.

One exciting feature about the game is its action-based combat system because the controls are customizable and can be matched to any playstyle. It works well whether it’s someone new to video games or an advanced player. The class is based on the weapons that they choose which will help adapt to the challenges without the need to change character.

In a statement, Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartman shared that the game is beautifully crafted and it’s “like an anime come to life.” He added that Bandai Namco has managed to create a world having the highest quality with a compelling story. He went on to say that as the popularity of anime continues to rise worldwide, they’re looking forward to offering the game to players in the West.

Meanwhile, Executive Producer of Blue Protocol at Bandai Namco Online Sokichi Shimooka revealed that the commitment to quality and attention to detail shown by Amazon, in relation to the game, is truly exemplary. He shared that the deep expertise that the team at Amazon Games had in operating multiplayer games, combined with the publishing resources and transmedia opportunities of Amazon, made them the ideal publisher for the game, particularly in the West.

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