Alter is Ready to Bring an Upheaval to Apex Legends

From another dimension comes a new Legend. Electronic Arts

A new season begins in Apex Legends tomorrow. The Upheaval is bringing with it a lot of new content and changes that's sure to keep everyone on their toes. One of the highlights is the arrival of a new Legend who's more than willing to strike the match and heat things up. Prepare to meet Alter and watch out for the calamity that comes with here.

The Interdimensional Traveler

Alter hails from a different dimension and upon arriving to a new one, had two things going for her. The first is her interdimensional traveling Void tech and the second is the desire to have fun. She's known to do whatever it is she wants and then doesn't stick around to see the consequences of her action. For Alter, morality and responsibility are things of the past especially as she travels across different realities and drawn to world that are on the brink of complete destruction.

A Catastrophe

The thing about Alter is that she's always there to watch when a catastrophe happens. It doesn't matter to her whether the devastation is already happening or if she's the one responsible for the apocalypse. However, it seems that in some of the ruined dimensions, Alter has been intrigued by a common denominator. It's something that leads her to witness what may be the grandest apocalypse of all. She's now arrived in our dimension and more than ready to do what's needed to make sure that her wish comes true.

Hero Abilities

Alter's Passive ability is known as Gift from the Rift. It allows her to see and remotely interact with nearby death boxes and let her claim a single item. While she's not able to take shield cores across the void, anything else is fair game.

Meanwhile her Tactical ability is Void Passage. How it works is that Alter fires a void blast from her tail which then shatters against a surface to open a dimensional gateway across one side to another for a short period of time. Crossing through the portal is instantaneous and can be done from either direction. However, those who go through this portal remain phased briefly after exiting. By the way, the angle of the shot determines what surface the exit will open on.

Finally, there's her Ultimate ability which is Void Nexus. This allows Alter to deploy Void Nexus which allies can then remotely interact with an open a phase tunnel back to that point. Once the tunnel has been opened, players can phase walk from their location to the Void Nexus while leaving a portal which other players can follow through. It's basically a way for Alter and her squad to regroup. What makes this better is that the Void Nexus can be used even while downed.

Are you ready for the arrival of Alter? The new season also adds customizable artifacts and interesting improvements to the Broken Moon map.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game released in 2019 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021 and ported to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2022. A mobile version titled Apex Legends Mobile was also made available in 2022 for iOS and Android.

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