Apex Legends Upcoming Event Brings Fan-Favorite Game Mode Back for a Limited Time

Dressed to Kill Event Respawn Entertainment

The Dressed to Kill collection event for Apex Legends goes live from June 20 to July 4. The upcoming affair will bring back a popular game mode for a limited time: Armed & Dangerous.

For those who are not familiar, Armed & Dangerous is a limited-time mode (LTM) in Apex Legends where every weapon in the pool is removed except for shotguns and sniper rifles. Now, if you're a fan of the Charge Rifle, go ahead and visit the Replicator because it is the only way for you to get this particular weapon. That's because the developers removed it from ground loot in this LTM.

Dressed to Kill Event Respawn Entertainment

In addition, from June 20 to July 4, you will find limited-time offers in the Store Tab, including the Die Tired Bundle (available from June 23 to June 27) and the Bounty Hunter Bundle (up for grabs starting June 30 to July 4).

Die Tired Bundle Respawn Entertainment
Bounty Hunter Bundle Respawn Entertainment



  • Weapon Crafting Rotation
    • R-99 enters the crafter
    • Rampage LMG enters the crafter
    • Alternator SMG returns to the floor
    • Sentinel returns to the floor
  • Evac Tower: reduced spawn rate to match Heat Shields
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon: slightly increased spawn rate


  • Nemesis Burst AR
    • Projectile Speed reduced
    • Projectile gravity increased
  • EVA-8
    • Increased base rate of fire
    • Increased white bolt rate of fire
    • Rate of fire with blue, purple, and gold bolts is unchanged



  • Passive: Heartbeat Sensor
    • Range Reduced to 50m (was 75m)
    • Initial Heartbeat delay significantly reduced
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention
    • Range Reduced to 60m (was 75m)
    • Firing Speed Increased (~30% faster)
    • Removed Heal Cancel
    • Removed Revive Cancel
    • Removed Respawn Beacon Interaction Interrupt
    • Scan Time Reduced to 2.5s (was 8s)
      • Scan once again includes a full body highlight
  • Enemies hit by Focus of Attention are now Slowed for 2.5s
  • Silence Time Increased to 10s (was 1.75)
    • Enemies who are silenced by Seer are now also highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and his teammates but only when they have line of sight
  • Ultimate: Exhibit
    • Throw Range Reduced to ~15m (was ~50m)
    • Removed Diamond Scan Markers on Enemy Movement
      • Exhibit will now only show the footsteps of players moving in the zone
      • Diamond Markers will now ONLY appear with enemy gunfire for 1.25s

Quality of Life

  • Firing Range
    • Customize Range menu additions
      • New option to switch to 3rd person
      • New option to show a general-purpose timer
      • New options to match dummy helmet levels to shield levels.
    • General dummies and collision updates
      • Spawning distancing and frequency improvements
    • Firing Range target redesign
  • Added more hotlinks to how to gain weapon mastery XP to the overview tab and the end of game weapons tab
  • Audio engine stability improvements
  • Bloodhound Trials: updated loot on World's Edge to now dispense Smart Loot for the active team in the Trials at the end of each challenge round
  • Newcastle: now destroys Jump Pads and Crypto Drones on Castle Wall Impact like other placeable objects
  • Extended Supply (Support) Bins have a higher chance to give an MRB to Support legends who have dead teammates, banners are not required for higher chance

So, will you partake in the Apex Legends Dressed to Kill event once it goes live?

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