Albion Online Knightfall Update: Get Ready for New Knightfall Abbey Dungeon

Can you take on the new dungeon? Sandbox Interactive

The latest major content patch for Albion Online titled Knightfall is finally here. There's a lot of new content to unpack, but here, we'll focus on the new dungeon and new items.

The new dungeon is known as Knightfall Abbey and was once the stronghold for Arthurian forces. However, with the destruction of Excalibur, it now only holds the undead. The entrance to Knightfall Abbey is elusive with treasures inside being more valuable than what is generally offered in the Mists. This means that the dungeon isn't meant to be played indefinitely but instead offers a new opportunity to discover while exploring the Mists.

Details of this new dungeon include:

  • Features an entirely new environment that allows players to explore Albion's past, new music, and a new mechanic for unlocking rewards while clearing the dungeon.
  • Each room cleared gives either wealth through a chest or a buff to aid in fighting enemies.
    • This dungeon is still within the Mists, so players have a limited time to clear rooms, gather wealth, and defeat enemies.
    • Treasures and Coffers also spawn during the dungeon's lifetime, allowing for higher-risk opportunities as players work their way through.
  • Exits are also available throughout the dungeon, so players can attempt to find treasure and escape if engaged by other individuals.
    • If players leave through an exit, they'll be back in the Mists, ready to resume exploration.
  • While these dungeons do not have rarities, they have the same tier distribution as other Mists areas.
    • Higher-tier areas offer increased rewards for higher risk, as more players are allowed per tier.
  • Solo Max Players (Non-lethal and Lethal):
    • T5: 8
    • T6: 8
    • T7: 9
    • T8: 10
  • Duo Lethal Max Players:
    • T6 - T8: 12

New Items

They are new items in-game and to create them, players should get new crafting components from vendors. One of these is the Faerie Fire, similar to Faction Hearts and can be used in different recipes. It's also required to craft all new items from the Brecilien trader. Check out the new items below.

  • Avalonian Capes
    • Crafted with Avalonian Energy and Avalonian Crests.
    • Ability: Force Pulse.
      • Activates when you perform a normal attack.
      • Collect Energy and unleash it after 0.5s, dealing magical damage to enemies in a 6m radius.
      • Reduces damage of enemies hit by 15% for 4s.
  • Brecilien Capes
    • Crafted with Faerie Fire and Brecilien Crests.
    • Ability: Fey Barrier.
      • Activates when you cast your head slot spell.
      • Applies a shield that absorbs up to 200 damage (before resistances) during the next 3s.
      • Removes debuffs and grants immunity to debuffs while the shield is active (except crowd control and damage over time effects).

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. It's available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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