Albion Online: Dual Swords Might Actually Be Good Again in Beyond the Veil Patch 3

Beyond the Veil Patch 3
Beyond the Veil Patch 3 Twitter/@albiononline

Sandbox Interactive has released a new update for Albion Online: Beyond the Veil, now available for download. Patch 3 brought some balancing changes to certain weapons in the game, most notably for dual swords and daggers.

The company has buffed certain weapons in Albion Online to make them a bit more viable in the Crystal League. If you’re a fan of the Dual Swords, you might be ecstatic to find out that the Spinning Blades received some major buffs.

For those who are new to the game, Spinning Blades is one of the skills available to Dual Sword users. When used, you will jump off the ground and deal physical damage to all enemies around you in a small radius.

That said, you are now immune to all crowd control effects during the jump, quite helpful since enemies cannot stop you after launching yourself off the ground.

Furthermore, the damage of Spinning Blades is now independent of Heroic Charges. Previously, Spinning Blades hit hard when you have three Heroic Charges, but this would require some time before you can get the full benefit. Now, the said ability does damage equal to two Heroic Charges, meaning you deal considerable amounts of pain to your foes without the build-up.

Aside from Dual Swords, the Dagger Pair’s Slit Throat ability also got buffed. For one, casting this ability can no longer be interrupted. Besides that, the cast range is increased to three meters, ensuring that enemies on low HP who try to run away are eliminated. And lastly, when your intended target tries to flee, the ability will still be executed up to seven meters, so long as you’re able to cast it on time. This means that when the ability is cast, it can no longer be canceled just by running away.

You can find the other balancing changes made in Beyond the Veil Patch 3 below:

  • Raging Blades (all Axes)
    • Vastly improved Hit Detection to be more reliable
    • Added an additional hit directly on activation
    • Inner Ring Radius: 2.5m > 2m
  • Iron Breaker (all Hammers)
    • Now also removes enemy shields
Nature Staff
  • Rejuvenating Flower (all Nature Staffs)
    • The Flower on the ground is now activated by any ally stepping on it
    • Flower Area Radius: 3m > 5m
    • Max Targets: 5 > 10
    • Standtime: 0.4s > 0s
  • Spiritual Seed (Druid Staff)
    • Cooldown after Recast: 20s > 30s (Casting once still has 20s cooldown)
  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff)
    • Max Targets: 15 > 20
    • Healing Increased per Ally: 30% > 20%
    • Maximum Targets for Heal Increase: 10 > 20
  • Hurricane (Iron-clad Staff)
    • Channel Duration: 3s > 2s

So, what can you say about the recent balancing adjustments?

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is available on PC.

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