Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms Facing Fierce Dragons in Dragonhold Update

Dragonhold Update Gamera Interactive

A massive free patch is now available for the isometric action RPG Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms.

The Dragonhold update invites you to join the Talons - a group of brave heroes of all races who are committed to slaying fierce dragons, which are ravaging the land of Plamen once again. There are four dragons that you need to slay, namely Pyre, Shadis, Viainne, and Razer, each with its own unique abilities. Be cautious and study their every move, and evade their attacks as much as you can and, in time, you'll be able to eliminate them.

To help you fight the new threats, developer Gamera Interactive improved the game's leveling system. Instead of just four levels in the previous system, Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms now has 10 levels of progression. Skill points will be available to you at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10. Additionally, the company replaced Trait Points with Legacy Points, which you can put in proficiencies and new traits.

Proficiencies Gamera Interactive

Patch Notes


  • Added The Moon Inn tavern in Doh'Alran.
  • Added Alchemy: potions can now be crafted using a new version of the workbench in Safe Zones, accessing a special UI.
  • Added Alchemy table to players' Stronghold
  • Added Alchemists selling herbs and goodies
  • Added new stocks to general vendors all around the world, with alchemy-related items [herbs, mortar & pestle, bottles] and new unique weapons and armors
  • Added 6 new traits: Bastion, Duelist, Tactician, Runner, Evasive, Keeper
  • Added 11 weapon proficiencies for daggers, swords, maces, battleaxes, warhammers, greatswords, mauls, great battleaxes, spears, halberds, quarterstaffs unlocking unique proc
  • Added 4 armor proficiencies for light, medium, heavy and tank armors unlocking unique proc
  • Added 2 shield proficiencies for light and heavy shields unlocking unique proc
  • Added many different narrative timelines in certain locations, intended to give a deep overview of the world lore
  • Added Intellect [INT] stat influencing items repair, resistances and spellcasting builds [more to come in the following updates].


  • Removed procs from craftable materials: due to current usage pattern procs have been re-distributed as traits, proficiencies, effects on equipment. Gems and enhancing have been adjusted to be consistent with the new proc sys
  • Blacksmiths will now sell ingots and crafting materials available in their kingdom according to lore
  • with renewed stocks
  • HP Regain % changed to +35%/LVL0 and then +30%/LVL1 decreasing 3% up to LVL10
  • Reworked Grandmaster specialization: Grandmasters' will now unlock a passive ability upon acquiring their specialization [Mastery]
  • Respec for Stats and Legacy Points (traits, proficiencies) won't be locked out anymore. It is now possible to train with a GM using orbs to change stats, traits and proficiencies
  • Removed Luck stat: its effects have been conflated in the Lucky Bastard trait [former Lucky trait]

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms Dragonhold update is available on PC.

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