Aksys Games Announces Its Lineup Of Otome Titles Coming To The Switch In 2020

Plus some of the non-VN titles also announced at the Anime Expo 2019.
Expect to see more VNs to get localized, as Aksys Games announced its lineup of titles incoming for 2020.
Expect to see more VNs to get localized, as Aksys Games announced its lineup of titles incoming for 2020. Aksys Games

Publisher Aksys Games has just announced a number of otome titles that will be localized during their Anime Expo 2019 panel. According to the announcement, this will include “old fan favorites and some new surprises”. This announcement was initially teased in an email from Aksys Games to Anime News Network.

For those who don’t know, otome titles are story-driven video games, usually in the form of visual novels, that are veered towards the famale gaming audience. The main premise is usually to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character with one of several male characters. Let’s take a look at these planned releases for the west and some of their upcoming titles currently in development.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

The first announced release was for Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ which will be available in North America and Europe by December 2019.

First launched for the PS Vita in November 2014 for Japan, a worldwide launch followed suit in October 2015. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ was then released for the PlayStation 4 under the name Code: Realize~Bouquet of Rainbows~ collection in August 2017 in Japan and worldwide by March 2018. It received a Nintendo Switch release on October of the same year in Japan.

The otome title is is an adventure visual novel game that is set in a reimagined Victorian-era London that dons a steampunk-eque aesthetic. You play as Cardia, a teen that lives isolated due to her body carrying a deadly poison that rots or melts anything she touches. Her unique and debilitating condition caused her father to keep her inside an abandoned mansion so that she may not experience the hate and fear the outside world has towards her. Your quest begins as you journey to find your father with the help of five unlikely heroes that aid you in unraveling the secrets of your past.

The game boasts 30+ hours of gameplay, with multiple endings that can be achieved through game changing decision making, gorgeous visuals and rich character narratives that branch differently, providing unique experiences for each playthrough. Its Switch release for the west will also see the inclusion of added content in Code: Realize~Future Blessings~.

Collar x Malice

Scheduled for a 2020 worldwide release, Aksys Games also announced the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Collar x Malice, a mystery visual novel game.

Original released for the the PS Vita in August of 2016 in Japan, Collar x Malice follows the story of Ichika Hoshino. Whilst patrolling in a Shinjuku, Tokyo, she becomes a victim of a dangerous shadow organization’s campaign of fear and terror all over the city. She receives aid from five mysterious strangers in her quest for the truth, but with a poisonous collar attached to her neck and a city under chaos, time is running out. Choosing the correct person to trust is paramount if you are to save the city and yourself.

A fandisc, titled Collar x Malice: Unlimited, was originally released only for Japan in July of last year and will also be arriving in 2020. This includes additional content such as the “Interlude”, “After Story”, “Side Story” and “ADONIS” stories.

Café Enchante

Supernatural encounters in your grandfather’s café will be the setting for Aksys Games’ new otome visual novel, Café Enchante, known as Gensou Kissa Enchante in Japan. Slated for a for an October 10, 2019 release in Japan and a 2020 release for the Switch worldwide, the title was also announced during the publisher’s Anime Expo 2019 panel.

The plot is still hazy, but a description can be seen on the official Japanese website. It basically follows the story of your grandfather’s café and his last request involving the establishment. A number of other-worldly creatures will be encountered and only time will tell if they are friend or foe.


The last announcement made was for Piofore, more known as Piofore no Banshou: Ricordo. The visual novel is expected to release for the Switch in 2020 for the North Ameirca and European markets. For Japan, it should see a July 25 release.

Piofore is basically an improved port of the PlayStation Vita title Piofore no Banshou, which launched in August of 2018 in Japan. You play as Liliana, a woman who is dropped in the middle of a conspiracy between three mafioso organizations, Set in a reimagined South Italian town of Burlone in the wake of World War 1, you must get to the bottom of this mystery as to why you are being entangled in the conflict of these mafioso organizations, and what is the role you will play in the events to come.

Non-VN titles

So far, those have been the only announcements made by Aksys Games during the Anime Expo 2019. Fans of the visual novel / otome genre have a lot to look forward to in 2020, but aside from these otome titles, we have also reported on Aksys Games announcements that are soon to come. Here are some of them:


The western release of visual novel horror game NG will be coming in a few months. The second title in the Spirit Hunter horror adventure series is set to make its western launch in October of 2019. NG (as well as the Spirit Hunter series in general) is most known for its effectiveness in delivering scares without resorting to cheap tactics such as jump scares or blood and gore.

Fishing Star: World Tour

Fun-filled arcade fishing title Fishing Star: World Tour is going to be getting a physical release version for the North American and European market. Its collaboration with developer Wright Flyer Studios should hit retail stores not later than 2019. The title saw positive reception during its initial digital release in January of this year, mostly from its fun factor by utilizing the fishing rod Toy-con and replayability factor due to the sheer number of unlockable locations, gear and fish species.


Lastly, developer h.a.n.d. Inc.'s action puzzler, Gabbuchi, was released originally for the Switch in Janauary of this year. It will be launching for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on July 25. Gabbuchi follows the journey of the eponymous hungry monster as you guide him (or her) to consume blocks which can help you reach the ultimate treat – a pixel cookie!

Expect more coverage from us with regards to these titles as more information drops.


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