Fishing Star: World Tour Gets A Western Physical Version Release Later This Year

The fishing title originally released in January
Aksys Games will be producing physical copies for Fishing Star: World Tour, set to release later this year.
Aksys Games will be producing physical copies for Fishing Star: World Tour, set to release later this year. Wright Flyer Studios

The arcade fishing title Fishing Star: World Tour will be getting a physical release version for the North American and European market, developer Wright Flyer Studios announced at the Anime Expo 2019. The title was originally released digitally in January of 2019.

Fishing Star: World Tour is one of the better-known fishing sim titles, boasting over 180 kinds of fish that you can catch, along with 70 types of fishing gear and 40 different locations to drop your line in and wait for nibble or a bite. But be careful, as not all fishing poles are equal. You may miss out on a big catch if your pole’s not able to handle the fish. Aside from that, we celebrate being on top of the food chain by (virtually) hunting other (virtual) species for fun. You can also record these different types of fish on a log called “Fishbook” (heh).

The game is just what it is: a fishing game. There’s no story, no puzzles, just plain fishing. But what it does, it does great. Replayability depends on how devoted you are to fishing (there’s only so much you can do with the simplest premise) but its smooth gameplay on the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-con more than makes up for it. Pleasing aesthetics, no microtransactions to get the unlockable gear, unless you count using the Toy-con as a fishing rod to be a pay-to-win mechanic for the mini-game that involves you being on a speed boat. It may only offer around a few hours of entertainment, but it surely is enjoyable and doesn’t lack in its fun factor.

Publisher Aksys Games will be at the helm of releasing these physical versions which retail for $29.99.

Aside from the fishing game’s physical version hitting stores soon, a lot of other gaming news has also been released on the first day of Anime Expo 2019. Multiple titles released exclusively for the Japanese market will be making their way to North America and Europe soon, among them is baby-making fantasy JRPG title Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars and sci-fi visual novel Robotics;Notes Elite.

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