‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4: What If Bobbi And Hunter Are In The Framework Too?

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Hunter and Bobbi (aka Mockingbird) are getting their own show called 'Marvel's Most Wanted.'
Hunter and Bobbi (aka Mockingbird) are getting their own show called 'Marvel's Most Wanted.' Marvel

Agents of SHIELD brought back Brett Dalton as Grant Ward when Daisy went into AIDA’s framework to save the entire team. This is making a lot of fans wonder whether we’ll see two more fan-favorite characters who abruptly exited the show in Season 3 -- Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. A few recent Instagram photo of Nick Blood, who plays Lance Hunter, with series star Iain De Caestecker teases this possibility. However, for now, this is just pure speculation and wishful thinking.

Last year, ABC planned to develop a spinoff series called Marvel's Most Wanted focusing on Bobbi and Hunter as they completed missions across the world, but it never came to fruition. Their characters were written out of Agents of SHIELD in preparation for Most Wanted , but now would be the perfect time to measure a fan response to their return, bringing them back for the framework episodes, then figuring out how to fit them into next season's storyline. Without Most Wanted, it seems like a waste to leave two major characters back to the series. But, still, it’d be great to see them once again and it seems like the perfect opportunity. If Hunter and Bobbi don’t appear in the framework, it’s also plausible and they would return to SHIELD to tackle the mission in the true reality, since literally the entire team is missing in action.

Dr. Radcliffe has built an alternate reality where each character lives out their biggest regret. Coulson is an inhuman-fearing high school teacher, May is a HYDRA agent, while Daisy and Ward are dating (and seem to be HYDRA agents as well). From the looks of it, SHIELD fell, and HYDRA has taken the organization's place. Fitz doesn’t look to be a SHIELD agent and Jemma is dead in this timeline, so it will be up to Daisy to snap everyone out of this reality and take down AIDA.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. SHIELD returns April 4.

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