Age of Wonders 4 Has Sold More Than 250,000 Copies Within Four Days of Launch

A big congratulations! Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive announced that a new milestone has been reached by Age of Wonders 4 with more than 250,000 copies sold since its launch on May 2. The figure includes pre-orders as well as sales of the standard edition and premium edition on all platforms. This makes it the fastest-selling title in the Age of Wonders franchise.

Age of Wonders 4 challenges players to rule a fantasy realm of their own making. The game offers elements of strategy and role-playing mixed with turn-based combat. The story follows a world where Wizard Kings have returned and are now ruling over mortals as gods. Challenging their rule are those who use Tomes of Magic that can release arcane destruction and evolve their armies to get new forms and new abilities.

In a statement, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester revealed that the game continues to have the signature style that Triumph Studios is known for while also offering a good combination of role-playing, strategy, and fantasy storytelling. He added that the game is a "wonderful testament" on how Paradox and Triumph are indeed a match.

Triumph Studios Co-founder and Age of Wonders 4 Director Lennart Sas shared that when it comes to developing a sequel, there has to be a delicate balance for a long-running series with many dedicated fans. He added that it's been incredible to see the reception not just from new players but also the series veterans. Sas went on to say that they'll be supporting the game with more content and even more updates.

The first expansion of the game is Dragon Dawn and is scheduled for release this summer. Age of Wonders 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The standard edition is priced at $49.99 and the premium edition at $89.99. The premium edition comes with the base game along with these add-ons:

  • Expansion Pass
  • Archmage Attire
  • Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn (Q3 2023)
  • Age of Wonders 4: Empires and Ashes (Q4 2023)
  • Age of Wonders 4: Primal Fury (Q1 2024)
  • Age of Wonders 4: Eldritch Realms (Q2 2024)

What are you waiting for? Start your realm now.

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