Age of Wonders 4 Now Out on PC and Next-Gen Consoles

See if you have what it takes to surive. Paradox Interactive

Prepare to go on a journey across a world filled with magic, monsters, and mythical creatures. That's because Age of Wonders 4is now live on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, available at $49.99, with a premium edition offered at $89.99. The premium edition comes with an Expansion Pass along with cosmetics and four upcoming DLCs.

Age of Wonders 4 invites players to a combined gameplay of strategy, role-playing, and turn-based combat. In the game, powerful Wizard Kings have returned to the realms and now reigned among the mortals as gods. Players have to challenge their rule using the Tomes of Magic to release arcane destruction and evolve their armies to get new abilities and forms. One of the new features lets players have their very own custom factions, a first for the series.

Features of Age of Wonders 4 include:

  • Create the Empire of Your Wildest Fantasies
    • Craft followers by combining bodily forms, societal traits, and arcane powers.
    • Build anything from a clan of cannibal halflings to the mystic moon elves.
    • Players can even recreate their favorite fantasy tropes.
    • Look for powerful tomes of magic to enchant armies and see the people physically change as they morph into angelic beings or scions of chaos to face their enemies.
  • Strategy Meets Role-Playing Like Never Before
    • Each choice results in new possibilities and tactical advantages.
    • A deep and multilayered strategy allows players to try new tactics or explore new powers at every turn.
    • Tactical turn-based battles bring armies to life, from skirmishes with roaming monsters to vast sieges with many units on each side.
  • Write Your Own Legend
    • A new event system provides unexpected levels of storytelling for 4X games.
    • Players can see their decisions shape the world around them as they seek glory through brutal domination, cunning alliances, or ultimate arcane knowledge.
    • Their creations could appear as potential rivals or allies in subsequent games.
  • Make Your Mark on a Vast, Reactive World
    • Players can explore a new realm in each session or even create their own.
    • Challenge new variations and combinations of locations and features, from frozen wastelands ruled by ice queens to desolated ruins where dragons roam.
    • The tremendous variety of empires, units, and environments guarantee that the game is endlessly replayable.

Are you up for the challenge?

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