Age of Wonders 4 Dragon Dawn Expansion is Finally Here

A big change has arrived. Paradox Interactive

The first expansion of the fantasy strategy game Age of Wonders 4 has finally arrived. Dragon Dawn improves gameplay by adding a distinct leader, offering a physical appearance for factions, and introducing more Tomes of Magic.

Dragon Dawn is available for $9.99 but players who bought the Premium Edition or Expansion Pass get this new content for free.

In Dragon Dawn, players are taken to the realm of dragons as they try to embrace that mythical allure and rise to become mighty Dragon Rulers. They get to create dynamic empires and lead reptilian armies and wield draconic mages. Key features include:

  • Dragon Rulers
    • A distinct new leader type.
    • Customizable from snout to tail.
    • Comes with unique new skills, equipment, transformations, and associated events.
  • Lizardfolk
    • A new physical appearance for the factions.
  • Tome of Evolution
    • Adds new units which evolve as they level up.
    • New spells are available to boost all evolving units.
  • Tome of Dragons
    • Adds spells to summon dragons, wield the power of dragons, and become dragons.
  • The Ashen War
    • A new realm option where six mighty elder dragons are locked in conflict.
    • Players need to choose their allies carefully and tip the scales toward their own victory.

Wyvern Update

In addition to a new expansion, players can also enjoy the free Wyvern update. Highlights include:

  • Faction Creation
    • A Create Faction button has been added which takes players directly into the Faction Creation Flow.
    • Players can create a new Faction from the ground up, edit an existing Faction, or even Generate a Random Ruler through the new Random Ruler Feature.
  • New Traits
    • The Poisonous Body Trait can be found as the default trait on the Lizardfolk. It's very well suited to make venomous Toads.
    • Players can have a hoard of their own with the Artifact Hoarders Society Trait. This Materium Trait provides Mana Income for any unequipped hero items in the Inventory.
  • Cavalry and Mounted Units
    • The Mystic Spellbreaker, Hound Master and Wild Speaker units are now permanently mounted.
    • Units like the Dark Pursuer, High Dawn Defender and Glade Runner get mounts when paired with a Exotic Mount Trait.
  • World Map Improvements
    • Players get to explore their own origins further with additional Ruler Origin events.
    • A Dismantle City Ruin Operation has been added which lets players remove City Ruins.
    • The Castle Ruins Ancient Wonder has obtained a metamorphosis through the new Combat Map.
    • Excavating Diggable Earth in the Underground no longer just uncovers Pickups or Marauders but also uncovers resource Nodes and Magic Materials.

Age of Wonders 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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