Against the Storm: Changes to Building Visuals and Newcomers Implemented in Camps Update Part 2

Camps Update Part 2
Camps Update Part 2 Steam

The Camps Update Part 2 for Against the Storm is now available to download on Steam. This patch brings a lot of visual improvements and quality-of-life changes.

In this update, the camps have received a visual overhaul because the developers think that most of them just look too similar to each other. As a result, the camps now have distinctive colors so that players can distinguish them quickly. Furthermore, certain buildings now look like a carriage to let players know that they can move them somewhere else if they want to.

To make things more dynamic, the placement of the Main Warehouse and the Ancient Hearth will be different between games. This ensures that the player’s town layouts are somewhat distinct in every session.

Building Visual Improvements
Building Visual Improvements Steam

The latest patch for Against the Storm also made some changes to how newcomers arrive. Previously, players would opt not to invite new people into their settlements until they were able to accommodate them. This led to more and more newcomers being stuck outside, and because there were no consequences to this, players would just let them stay there until they were needed.

Well, that has changed in Camps Update Part 2. Now, newcomers arrive every 10 minutes. Players who fail to welcome them will postpone the arrival of the next group. While it is still possible for them to wait for better conditions before accepting newcomers, there is now an apparent consequence for doing so.

As for quality-of-life changes, one of the most notable is that players can now set default fuel types that will be burned in the Ancient Hearth. This is so that players won’t have to change it every so often during their session.

Semi-randomized Starting Glade Layout
Semi-randomized Starting Glade Layout Steam

Here are the other significant changes:

  • Newcomers
    • The newcomer button will stay on the HUD for good (after the first arrival). You can hover over it to find out when the next group will arrive.
    • Newcomer arrivals no longer stack. A new group won't be sent until you accept the previous one.
  • The Vassal Tax and Overheating Forest Mysteries will no longer last for the entirety of the game. Their negative effects will be removed at the start of the next Storm. You still need to prepare the payment for the next Storm in order not to get a penalty for the next year.
    • Because the Vassal Tax penalty now no longer stacks, its effect was increased from 20% to 33%.
UX/UI Improvements
  • In the storage tab, there is now a slider on the capacity bar.
    • Using the slider, you can modify the storage limit - in other words at which the number of stored goods your workers will transport to the Main Warehouse.
    • There’s also a new setting in the Options menu - “Save Internal Storage Limits.” Enabling this option will save the internal building storage limits you set and then apply them to any newly constructed building of the same type.
  • Orders with the objective to build a specific hub level now display the name of the hub level on the HUD overview.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Against the Storm Camps Update Part 2 is available on PC.

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