Against the Storm: Lighthouse Update Features Better Decoration System

Woodcutter's Camp Mode
Woodcutter's Camp Mode Steam

The Lighthouse Update for Against the Storm is now available on Steam. This hefty content update adds new decorations to the game and improves the decoration system overall.

Improved Decoration System

One of the mechanics in the city builder Against the Storm is that decorations must be placed within the Ancient Hearth to increase its level. Previously, decorations would only count as one regardless of how big they are. For example, a big 3x3 altar takes up a lot of space in your settlement, but it only counts as one when fulfilling the Hearth’s upgrade requirements.

In the Lighthouse Update, the scores for the decorations used are multiplied. So, a 1x1 decoration adds one to the upgrade requirement, a 2x2 ornament will add four, and so on. This is a significant improvement because it is now easier to upgrade your hub.

New Decorations
New Decorations Steam

Furthermore, all converted Glade Events, such as the Harmony Spirit Altar and Rain Spirit Totem, can now be moved anywhere in your settlement.

Aside from that, two new decorations have been added in this patch, namely the Garden (2x2 Aesthetics Decoration) and the Park (2x2 Comfort Decoration).

Patch Notes

  • Changed how settings in the Woodcutters’ Camp work to avoid confusion. From now on, every Woodcutters’ Camp can have 4 different modes.
    • Default: woodcutters cut trees normally.
    • Only Marked Trees: woodcutters only cut marked trees.
    • Avoid Glades: woodcutters cut trees normally, but don’t open glades (even if the player marks trees leading to a glade).
    • Avoid Glades (except marked): woodcutters cut trees normally, but open glades only if the trees leading up to them are marked.
    • There is now a “propagate this mode to all camps” button in the Woodcutters’ Camp UI.
    • The default mode can be set in the options menu.
  • The camera can now be moved using the RMB by default.
  • Added an option to rebind mouse keys (in a somewhat limited way). You can now choose one of three options (LMB, RMB, MMD) for selecting objects in the game world, canceling actions, camera panning, and camera rotation.
  • Added a “stored” number to all tooltips tied to resources (for example in order objectives, event rewards, and so on).
  • Added a new name and description to the effect applied to all games on Settler difficulty.
    • The effect is called Settler’s Luck and its description now correctly states that it gives a 35% chance of villagers not consuming food during a break.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Against the Storm Lighthouse Update is available on PC.

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