Activision Goes To Court To Nab The CoD Battle Royale Leaker

Call of Duty Goes To Court For Leaks
Call of Duty Goes To Court For Leaks Forbes

With so many Modern Warfare Warzone leaks surfacing on the internet, Activision has decided to take legal action against the people responsible for letting the CoD battle royale cat out of the bag. The company has been consistently filing aggressive takedowns on copyrights grounds.

Activision has reportedly obtained a DMCA subpoena from a US court that has compelled Reddit to reveal the information of a user suspected to have posted leaked images to the social media site.

Last week, the news regarding a new Call of Duty Battle Royale mode was intensified, with the mode expected to release some time in March. One of the noted leakers, TheGamingRevoYT, posted some footage from the 'Warzone' mode to YouTube and VGC also reported that some players were glitching into menus following the Season 2 update.

It was soon evident that Activision was not at all happy with the leaks, and they quickly took down the video posted by TheGamingRevoYT. Sometime earlier, Reddit user Assyrian2410 posted a new thread to /r/modernwarfare stating, “I found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale.” The image in the thread showcased someone standing next to a downed chopper and the text on the image reading "Call of Duty: Warzone."

TheGamingRevolution also took it to Twitter to confirm that these leaks were legit, but shortly the tweet was taken down and the account was suspended.

Whether or not further actions against the alleged leakers listed in this article and across the internet have been taken remains unclear. That said, a document obtained by TorrentFreak shows that Activision is currently looking to discover the identity of the Reddit user Assyrian2410.

Call of Duty Subpoena
Call of Duty Subpoena TorrentFreak

Contrary to the claim, the Redditor has stated that he got this information from an inside source. Now, what remains to be known is whether Activision is interested in the Redditor who posted the information to Reddit or one that is operating within the company.

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