Acer Is Targeting The Gaming PC Market

Acer Is Targeting The Gaming PC Market
Acer Is Targeting The Gaming PC Market Amazon

These past few years Acer has became a well-known brand in the PC gaming hardware market. Lately, the company started an even more aggressive trend of targeting PC gaming with its 21-inch Acer Predator 21X laptop. This gaming machine features some of the best hardware available today. The laptop comes with 64 GB DDR4, a 2.90 GHz Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and two Nvidia GTX 1080 graphic cards.

When it comes to desktop gaming machines, Acer offers something even more extreme than the Acer Predator 21X laptop. The desktop gaming PC called Predator X features the most powerful Nvidia GPUs paired via SLI and two server-grade Xeon processors from Intel.

The Predator X is based on the the Predator Orion 9000 in terms of design. The gaming machine features a monolith look from the side. Or, if you prefer, it looks like Blade Runner’s Tyrell building. The gaming desktop comes with Acer’s patented airflow management system called IceTunnel 2.0. Up to five intake fans work together to cool down the powerful gaming machine.

Since the market share for these ultra-powerful, pre-build gaming PCs is not so large, you may wonder why Acer is designing and manufacturing such gaming machines. In fact, the company is offering gaming hardware for not only the high-end users, but also for different levels of budget.

When it comes to the most powerful gaming devices, Jerry Kao, Acer President of IT Products, said the company is catering to a different usage model. Its ultra-powerful gaming machines are targeting users that still are multitasking while playing a game.

When it comes to live-streaming and broadcasting the games people play, strong graphics card performance won’t be enough. With these high-end gaming devices, Acer is targeting this tiny fraction of PC gamers with special needs in terms of performance and multitasking.

The company has a promising future on the market for extreme gaming hardware. Acer strives to deliver solutions for the high-end gaming experiences. According to TechRadar, at this level the company doesn’t have many mainstream computer brands that can compete with its expertise.

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