A3: Still Alive Introduces New Guild Boss in Latest Update

A new boss and lots of new in-game events. Netmarble

A new update has been released for the A3: Still Alive, which introduces a new guild boss. There are also new in-game events that offer cool rewards.

To make Guild Boss Maxiella appear as a boss at the Guild Hall, players need to collect Guild Event Tickets through field hunting. Those able to defeat this Guild Boss can earn various rewards, which are divided into Participation Rewards, Guild Rewards, and Last Hit Rewards. For the Last Hit Reward, only the single guild member who made the last hit can get the reward.

Rewards that can be received include a Tier-5 Boss Substat Changing Stone and Lv. 220 Legendary Background Fragment. You can view the complete list of rewards here.

Wish Altar

Players can now join the Wish Altar Event. This one started on August 4 and is set to end on August 25. For US players, the Wish Altar opens at 10:00 a.m. EDT every Tuesday and Saturday for the duration of the event.

Check out the different obtainable rewards from this event here.

Shu Artifact Power Up Event

Players can also try the Shu Artifact Power Up Event from August 4 to September 8. Players just need to clear daily missions to obtain rewards like Medals, which can then be traded for special rewards. Check out the complete list of rewards here.

Other In-game Events

Other in-game events launched courtesy of the new update are:

  • Lucky Dice Season 2
  • Summon Support 7 Days Check In
    • Blue Diamond and Soul Linker Summon Currency can be obtained by logging in daily.
  • ​Soul Linker Level Up Support Event
    • Level up the Soul Link and receive 3-Star EXP Soul Sar or 5-Star EXP Soul rewards.
  • ​Herdis 7 Days Mission
    • Players can exchange medals for Life, Bravery Skill, Enhancement Stone, Enhancement Blessing Scroll, or Blue Diamonds.

A3: Still Alive is now available as a free digital download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play in 172 countries. The game is also available for download as an open beta on Windows PC via the A3: Still Alive website.

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