4 Trivia Games You Can Enjoy With Your Family On PS4

Have fun with the whole family.
Have fun with the whole family. Sony

Video games are not always the "violent" kind. It's not all shooting down enemies like in CS:GO or cutting them down in Diablo. There are other types of games that you can enjoy with the whole family. A good example of this is trivia games. Today we look at the different trivia games you can play with your family on the PlayStation 4.

That's You

This video game lets you get personal in an audacious way with up to five of your family members or friends. It lets you find out what it is you really think about each other. Using your TV, PS4, and even a smartphone or tablet, you can answer more than 1,000 funny questions. Topics can span from your time in school to favorite pastimes. You get to answer questions like which friend was the most recently sick in the street or which family member is going to survive the longest when in the wild. You can even learn which among you and your friends is the worst chef and snap selfies to use for photo challenges. The better you know your opponents, the more points you get to pick up.

This is all about you.
This is all about you. Sony

Knowledge is Power

This is a game that is packed not only with trivia, but also tricks and tactics. You get to combine a smart device, TV, and PS4 in order to experience a new kind of quiz game play. You can hand out crazy power plays in order to slow down your opponents and force them to tap through ice or rub away any gunk before they can answer. The game allows two to six players to enter the pyramid of knowledge and battle their way to the top. In Knowledge is Power you run from room to room and explore a world with thematically linked questions. You can vote for topics that you excel in while avoiding those you dread.

Challenge friends and family.
Challenge friends and family. Sony

The Jackbox Party Pack

If you're looking for the ultimate collection of party games then this is the one for you. Indeed, this is the best entertainment piece for your next game night. Everyone can join using their mobile device and there's no need for any controllers. When we say everyone, we mean that you can play this with as many as 100 of your friends, if you have that many. Just connect your console to the internet and then connect to jackbox.tv.

Enjoy this comedy sensation.
Enjoy this comedy sensation. Telltale Games

America's Greatest Game Shows

This video game lets you play two of America's classics: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. You can play solo, online, or offline with up to two friends. For Jeopardy, you get the chance to choose between three game modes: Career, Family, and Quick.

Play the classics.
Play the classics. Ubisoft
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