14 Days Of 'Fortnite' Challenge: How, Where To Fly Through Five Golden Rings

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golden rings
Minnesota Twins pitcher Trevor May plays the video game Fortnite with the live game projected on the stadium screen before the Minnesota Twins play the Kansas City Royals in their baseball game on September 9, 2018, at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Andy King/Getty Images

The holiday spirit is strong in “Fortnite” right now, as the battle royale game is introducing a new challenge to complete each day as part of the 14 Days of “Fortnite” event. Some of the early ones have been fairly simple, as they merely involved finding candy canes or exploring near some ski lodges .

Over the weekend, Epic Games added a slightly more complicated challenges: Use a Stormwing plane to fly through five golden rings. There are significantly more than five rings scattered throughout the map, as demonstrated by Reddit user snakesonifunny .

The rings are mostly found in spots that a Stormwing can easily fit in, like below bridges and between hills. There are rings near Lazy Links, Haunted Hills and Shifty Shafts, for example. Players who complete this challenge will get a Combat Wreath piece of Back Bling.

The challenge here is to beat other players (who are no doubt trying to complete the challenge too) to a Stormwing. YouTube user HarrisNinetyFour put together a video showing a quick way to get a Stormwing and fly through five rings in one go. Make sure to drop at the airstrip in the southwest corner of the map, get into a plane and go from there.


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