12 CS:GO Teams Ready To Fight As Flashpoint Season 2 Starts November 10

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Season 2 is almost here.
Season 2 is almost here. Flashpoint

CS:GO Flashpoint Season 2 is almost here and twelve teams are more than ready to fight it out. Like with the previous season, the prize pool for this one is also $1 million. The Flashpoint Season 2 Group Stage starts on November 10 with Playoffs scheduled for November 30. The Grand Final will take place on December 6.

There are two changes for this new season. One is that the tournament is going be held online to ensure the highest standards for safety amidst the pandemic. The second change is that the competition is limited to teams who are quarantined in Europe to allow better network conditions.

What’s Flashpoint About?

With Season 1 completed last March and Season 2 starting next month, this makes Flashpoint the CS:GO tournament that offered the largest prize pool for 2020 at $2 million. Generally, prize pools for CS:GO tournaments stand at around $30,000.

In addition, Flashpoint isn’t just a tournament, but an esports league, one that’s managed by team organizations. It was set-up in 2019 by organizations Cloud9, C0ntact Gaming, Dignitas, Team Envy, Gen.G Esports, Mad Lions, MIBR, and FunPlus Phoenix.

Season 1

Season 1 featured 12 teams with eight of them being the founding members. The remaining four were taken from LAN Qualifiers. Despite a rather rough start in Phase 1 of the Group Stage, MAD Lion pretty much dominated the competition in Phase 2. After that, the team secured a Grand Final spot after three matches, sweeping opponents in two of them. The Grand Final against MIBR was a treat as it appeared MIBR would take the victory, only for MAD Lions to grab the win and the championship.

The Grand Final had at least 271,000 concurrent viewers with online viewership for the entire season recording more than 7 million hours watched.

Season 2

In Season 2, there are still 12 teams competing, which are:

  • Founding Member
    • Cloud9
    • c0ntact Gaming
    • Dignitis
    • Team Envy
    • Gen.G Esports
    • MAD Lions
    • MIBR
  • Invited
    • BIG
    • Fnatic
    • OG
  • Closed Qualifier
    • Virtus.pro
    • forZe

Behind the scenes, Season 2 is once again led by Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles and Duncan "Thorin" Shields, both providing the best-in-class production, commentary, and storytelling throughout the tournament. They’re also going to host The Blind Spot, Flashpoint’s original post-game analysis show.

In a statement, MonteCristo said that they are excited to return with Season 2 as they further deliver on their promise for "raw and unfiltered entertainment for our fans with the largest prize pools of 2020 with arguably the coolest trophy in all of sports.”

For now, the question is whether MAD Lions can defend its title or whether some other team is going to rise to the top.

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