Zompiercer: Steer Clear, Boss Zombie is Here!

Update 14 DDDimanN

Zompiercer is a 3D zombie survival game where most action happens on the rails. Take control of the train and scour the world for resources to craft equipment. You can also use these resources to build a suitable base inside railway cars. Developed by DDDimanN, Zompiercer might not have the stellar graphics like many others, but its unique take on the zombie survival genre is enough to warrant a playthrough.

Anyway, the game received Update 14 recently which introduced the Boss Zombie. You'll find this formidable foe randomly in one of the locations in the game. Before venturing out, be sure to pack the strongest weapons you have because the Boss Zombie is surely going to give you a hard time.

The Boss Zombie is not alone, though. Six new unique zombies have been added as well. On top of that, the zombie AI has been refined. Now, the zombies will move around and are less likely to stay in one place just waiting to get hit.

Because of the addition of new zombies, the developer has added a "Zombestiary," a compendium you need to tackle these mindless beings.

Zombestiary DDDimanN



  • Zombies no longer focus on attacking the door if the player attacks it.
  • Zombies after death react to hits from all types of weapons, you can also separate the limbs of dead zombies.
  • In case of limb separation from the explosion, they fly off to the sides and not just fall as it was in previous versions.
  • Now dead zombies are thrown back by the blast wave.
  • Now zombies can be in sleep mode, sit or lie down in two positions simulating dead zombies.
  • Also added models of static dead zombies in the same 3 sleeping positions, designed to confuse players.
  • Increased the health of the zombie Nurse by 50%, which will allow you to kill her with a bow only with a stealth headshot.
  • Decreased Nurse's zombie regeneration rate by 50%.
  • The zombie nurse's behavior has become more active after regurgitating a gas sphere, which will make it much more difficult to kill her.
  • After strengthening the nurse zombie, this zombie was removed from the territory of the starting base and from the first half of the bridge.
  • Increased health for SWAT zombies by 20% and 30%.
  • Added a chance for a bag of loot to drop for dead zombies.
  • Implemented the ability to repair tools and weapons.
  • Tool durability increased by 50%.
  • Boots durability increased by 50%.
  • Bow and dagger durability increased by 50%.
  • Improved visual effects such as fire, explosions, blood spatter, etc.
  • Replaced car models with style-appropriate options.
  • Grenades have become much more effective and deadly.
  • Decreased the standard amount of ammunition received by 30%
  • In general, reduced by 20% the chance to find medicine and food.
  • Added collectible figures of cartoon zombies to decorate the train.


  • Fixed failure to collect sand with a shovel strictly under your feet.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies did not see the player when there was a large height difference with him.
  • Fixed a bug where some game settings were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug where the reload animation of the 8 Shotgun was jerking if the player tried to run after being shot.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to kill a zombie with a stealth attack with a dagger at the moment when the zombie attacks the player.

Zompiercer is available on Steam for $19.99.

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