Zero Hour: Operation Khan Manzil Update Adds New Map and New Co-op Experience

Operation Khan Manzil Update
Operation Khan Manzil Update Twitter/@zerohour_2020

M7 Productions deployed a new and exciting patch for Zero Hour. The Operation Khan Manzil Update adds the titular map, as well as a new co-op experience that lets you play with more people than before.

New Map

Zero Hour’s latest update introduces the new Khan Manzil Map. After receiving a 911 call from a civilian who has allegedly spotted a person making a bomb on the boot of a car, you are tasked to find this vehicle so that the explosive can be defused before anyone gets hurt.

You might have to find some answers in a two-storied building filled with narrow corridors and rooms. With multiple entry points, you can use grenades to take the enemies out with ease.

New Co-op Experience

Things get a little bit more exciting in Zero Hour because the company has added new 10-player co-op missions to the game. Besides that, the co-op menu has received a slight overhaul to accommodate the new features like the ability to watch a mission cutscene.

New Utilities

Operation Khan Manzil also includes two new utilities that can be helpful if you are a member of the SWAT team. The Door Rammer, as the name implies, is something that you can use to breach through obstructions, such as locked doors and barricaded entries.

On the other hand, the Med-Kit contains a 12-inch syringe, a SWAT-T Tourniquet, and a pack of H&H Medical’s compressed gauze. The amount of HP it restores depends on which side you’re on (20 HP for the SWAT team; 10 HP for the Terrorist team).

Patch Notes

  • New Weapon UMP (CT Side)
  • New Weapon AKU (T Side)
  • New Utility Slot number 3
  • New Utility for Slot 3: Door Rammer
  • New Utility for Slot 3: Medkit (Default button, Num key 06)
  • New Player death animations for crouch & prone state
  • New Animations for suspect Flashed & Smoked state for when they are arrested or zip tied
  • Rats Den map co-op cutscene
  • Co-op number of traps and door wedge suspects place based on mission
  • Free Cam reset speed will no longer snap and will smoothly return to default view
  • FPS hand animation syncing with weapons
  • Weapon reload mech SFX
  • Player idle turning animations
  • Brightness for Training Ground
  • Brightness for "Bank Heist" map
  • Brightness for "Hotel Trouble" map
  • Brightness and lighting for "Embassy Raid" map
  • Brightness and lighting for "Cafe Fourteen" map
  • Brightness and lighting for "Red Wedding" map
  • Road asphalt textures for various maps
  • Main Menu loading time
  • Optimized Terror House
  • Optimized Loading even further
  • Visual effect - Screen Space Reflections
  • Added Co-op lobby host's status sign
  • Added Co-op option to watch mission cutscene
  • Added Mocap animations for co-op suspect alerts
  • Added separate aim and body movement ( upper body of the player character will move separately from lower body )
  • Added player character C2 explosion reaction animation
  • Reworked Terror House map
  • Increased Lobby Squad count up to 10 players
  • Slightly Reduced stamina drain for sprinting
  • Removed Co-op mission cutscene playing automatically in the beginning
  • Co-op objective based suspect will always be zip tied using aggressive animation
  • When shooting on active armor plate it will no longer play the blood VFX and instead will play Metal hit VFX

Zero Hour Operation Khan Manzil Update is available on PC.

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