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Mass Effect Mash Up Pack
Mass Effect Mash Up Pack Tweak Town

Mass Effect is regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. While the series' legacy did falter with the disappointing launch of Andromeda, the original trilogy is still a beloved franchise. Since then, the developer hasn't uttered a word in support of the Mass Effect series and it is currently considering a full overhaul of Anthem.

Nevertheless, if you are in a mood to experience the original Mass Effect Trilogy in a rather pixelated way, you can do that in Minecraft.

The official Mass Effect Mash-up pack for Minecraft comes with 36 unique character skins for Shepard, textures, and UI specifically designed to mimic the original Mass Effect, a compilation of Mass Effect 3 soundtracks, and the Mars Base Camp. You also have an option to put on the outfits of Shepard, Liara, Wrex, and several other characters before heading out to destroy the forces of Cerberus.

It is common to become quite skeptical about this entire Mass Effect Mash-up idea, especially when it is arriving in 2020. If you have been thinking whether or not this is an indication at steamy Mass Effect news, we are sorry to break it to you that it's just an old pack that has been recycled.

The original Mass Effect data pack was released just once after Mass Effect 3's release. Therefore, it did not get the attention it deserved or desired. Fast forward seven years from 2013, and Minecraft itself has gone through dramatic changes, including ports to new platforms. So, if you're on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mobile, or PC, you can still enjoy the Mass Effect Mash-up pack without any issues.

Even though Microsoft is holding this pack in high regard, the pack was originally released in 2014. Back then, the pack only launched on consoles. Since I have played Mass Effect 3 multiple times, I personally don't feel like I will be giving this pack a shot.

The Mass Effect Mash-up pack can be purchased for 990 Minecoins.

However, you can also save those Minecoins and download some amazing free Mass Effect skins from the diligent Minecraft modding community.

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