Yara Greyjoy And Ellaria Sand: Will 'Game Of Thrones' Kill With a Kiss Again?

How much is the souvenir reproduction of this map going to cost? HBO

Buried deep in the trailer for Game of Thrones season 7, amidst eerie music, billowing paranoia and a zillion different armies, would-be rulers and majestic landscapes, Game of Thrones fans are treated to one startling, intriguing surprise. You can watch the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer above.

Did you spot it? It’s that one little snippet of one little kiss between Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand at 1:22. What does it mean?

We know that the Sand Snakes tend to kiss before they kill. Jaime Lannister’s buddy Bronn was poisoned by a Sand Snake and only lived thanks to their antidote, while Jaime and Cersei’s daughter Myrcella kicked the bucket minutes after Ellaria’s extended goodbye kiss.

But is there any reason why Ellaria would want Theon Greyjoy’s sister dead? The Greyjoys and the Sands have yet to cross paths in any meaningful way. Neither of them want Cersei Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne.

yara greyjoy ellaria sand kiss game of thrones season 7 trailer
A surprising liplock in the trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. What could it all mean?! Photo: (c) HBO

If you look at a screencap, it almost looks like Ellaria swoops in for a classic dip-and-kiss while Yara is in the middle of speaking. Ellaria’s all passion, Yara’s all… Well, she really does look like she’s in the middle of saying something and is letting herself get distracted by that Sand mouth.

Either Ellaria’s machinations continue to evolve in complexity, or Yara finds herself in Ellaria’s way, or it’s all much more simple and they’re hot for each other. (Uncomplicated attraction can be a complicating factor all its own, it should be noted.) So what’s the ship name? Yararia? Greysand? Sandjoy? Ellariara? Whatever you want to call it, these driven and ambitious women locking lips is probably for some deep, complex plot that’s way more than meets the eye.

Gemma Whalen, who plays Yara Greyjoy, has previously noted her support for another ship: "I think she and Daenerys should sail off into the sunset with the Seven Kingdoms holding hands. I think that's probably about right. Tyrion can stay there, Theon's got to be there - he can be my hand!"

So I’m sorry, Yara-Daenerys fans. (What’s the ship name? Targarjoy? Greyyen? Daeyara? I feel like I’m naming elves here.) But trailers are meant to tease, to pique even a loyal viewership’s interest and excite the casuals. A surprise kiss between two characters who haven’t had much to do with each other until now can only excite speculation, not preclude it. It’s no Night King motion poster, but we’d rather not watch the Night King locking lips with anybody, thanks all the same.

While the Season 7 trailer for Game of Thrones emphasizes war on all sides, at least Yara and Ellaria have managed to squeeze out a little time for themselves… unless of course, Ellaria is wearing poison lipstick again, which would be unfortunate given the dearth of female-attracted, female-bodied people who survive their smooches. HBO may be caught up in spin-off madness (we’re still dying to know what George R. R. Martin prequel pitch HBO rejected ), but Season 7 promises to make the most out of the political conflicts and maneuvers it’s painstakingly set up ‘til now.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on HBO starting July 16. What’s your take on the Yara-Ellaria kiss? Are you looking forward to seeing a victor in Westeros’ thicket of war or are you more interested in who’s locking lips next? Feel free to chat about Game of Thrones Season 7 and this mysterious kiss in our comments section below.

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