'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Predictions: Who Can Cersei Count On?

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The final moments of Game of Thrones Season 6 saw Cersei ascend to the Iron Throne, though it seems like she has few friends or devoted allies by her side. Who can she depend on in the coming war?

The newly anointed Lannister queen finds herself surrounded by people who hate and fear her, having inherited a host of broken or worthless alliances. There aren’t many in Westeros who would be sorry to see her overthrown or killed. Last we saw, Daenerys Targaryen was making her way across the Narrow Sea, flanked by a formidable army of Dothraki, Unsullied and Ironborn, as well as fresh alliances with Dorne and House Tyrell. Oh, and did we mention the three enormous, staggeringly lethal dragons?

WARNING: Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers and Season 7 speculation ahead. If you aren’t caught up with last season yet, please don’t read any further.  

high sparrow
Anyone else smell imminent death? Photo: HBO

The common folk of King’s Landing

The High Sparrow, shrewd ruler of the Faith Militant, was spectacularly blown to bits when Cersei destroyed the Sept of Baelor. We can’t say we were sorry to see the “shoeless commoner” sent off to the afterlife in a big green blaze of spite, but the majority of people in King’s Landing certainly would have been.

The Faith Militant enjoyed enormous support from the smallfolk; that support was how the High Sparrow was able to grasp such extensive power so quickly. A significant portion of the Faith’s popularity stemmed from its ability to bring the nobility down from their high horses, laying bare their sins and misdeeds for all to see. Expect Cersei to make the distinctions between high- and lowborn much clearer during her tenure on the throne, however long it lasts.

It’s likely Queen Cersei will freely use (and, presumably, abuse) the City Watch to quell any grumbling dissent from the inhabitants of the city. And there will be dissent. Don’t forget, House Tyrell and the Reach have been a major source of money and food to the throne for the past several seasons. The people will undoubtedly grow restless, if not riotous, when the latter runs short. In other words, Cersei is likely to have her hands full dealing with a whole heap of trouble at home throughout Season 7, before even considering the invasion force Dany’s steering her way.

Euron Greyjoy, the most dangerous man in Westeros. Photo: HBO

Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands (for now)

As Season 6 drew to a close, fratricidal party-pooper Euron arrived at the Kingsmoot just in time to snatch the Salt Throne away from his badass niece, Yara. Euron’s first goal was to obtain an alliance with Daenerys through marriage, but Yara and Theon quickly head to Meereen, where they manage to make a deal with the Mother of Dragons first. Though the Game of Thrones showrunners could always throw viewers a curveball, at the moment it seems Euron and Cersei are one another’s best shot at survival.

While the Iron Islands storyline is somewhat more robust in the Song and Ice and Fire books, we’re not so sure that Euron will be a major game-changer in the final two seasons of the HBO series. Essentially, the usurping uncle only shows up in Season 6 (though Tyrion mentions something about Theon’s uncles attacking Lannisport back in Season 1). With only two shortened seasons worth of episodes remaining, and so many storylines to resolve, we doubt that Euron’s going to make it through all of the many battles to come. He could manage to deplete Dany’s army in some kind of sea battle, but we’d be surprised if he makes it out of Season 7 alive (even if he does manage to weasel himself into a strategic marriage to Cersei).

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frey pie
A delicious helping of Frey pie, courtesy of Arya Stark. Photo: HBO

House Frey

The end of Season 6 was certainly eventful for House Frey. With the help of Jaime, Bronn and the Lannister army, they force the Tullys to surrender Riverrun. At a celebratory feast at the Twins, Lord Walder Frey brags about taking control of the entire Riverlands region, but Jaime clearly isn’t convinced the Freys can get their act together.

Shortly thereafter, Arya Stark takes her long-awaited vengeance for the deaths of her mother and brother at the Red Wedding, cutting Lord Walder’s throat with a Mona Lisa smile after serving his two eldest sons to him in a pie. Lord Walder had numerous wives and even more heirs, so it’s not clear who will succeed him. It’s likely there’ll be an extended period of in-fighting amongst his sons. Even if that’s resolved quickly, House Frey isn’t known for its military prowess. Though it does maintain a sizable army, we saw from Jaime’s experience at the siege of Riverrun that their men are disorganized and lazy. During his long reign, Lord Walder preferred to keep his forces closer to home, instead relying on the prized location of The Twins to collect tolls while remaining out of the fighting.

House Frey will likely be forced to side with the Lannisters (particularly if Jaime has anything to say about it), but it’s hard to imagine how they’d be much help. At most, they may help stall the southward march of “King in da Norf!” Jon Snow and his men, but it’s unlikely the Freys can hold them off for long.

Tyrion, the Hand of another queen

Back in Season 2 (the video above comes from YouTuber GoTSeason2), when Cersei was serving as Joffrey’s Queen Regent and Tyrion as Hand of the King, the dwarf warned his sister: “You might find it difficult to rule over millions who want you dead.” Those words are even more applicable at the beginning of Season 7 than they were then. But while their relationship was strained (at best!) way back in Season 2, any bond between them has been completely destroyed since. Cersei likely still holds Tyrion responsible for Joffrey’s gory poisoning, not to mention killing their father with a crossbow in the toilet.   

While there’s no love lost between these siblings, if their paths do cross in Season 7, it will likely be hard for Tyrion to resist offering some kind of sagely or sarcastic wisdom. (A quip about her close-cropped hair wouldn’t go amiss, either.)  

But really, there’s no chance in hell Tyrion will lift a finger for his flaxen-haired older sister, no matter how dire her situation becomes in Season 7. In making him her Hand, it’s clear Dany respects his wise counsel in a way none of his own kin ever did. Her trust and validation will make him stick with her to the very end. We’re not sure how many of the Lannisters will make it to the end of Season 8, but if we had to pick one, our money’s on Tyrion.

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jaime confession brienne
Jaime reveals how he became the Kingslayer in 'Game of Thrones' Season 3. Photo: HBO

Her brother / lover / Queensguard Jamie

After doing the Freys’ dirty work for them during the siege of Riverrun, Jaime was probably eager to return to King’s Landing. But he definitely didn’t seem at all pleased to see what had happened to the Sept, nor watching as Cersei assume the throne. During that climactic moment, Cersei looked toward Jaime tearfully, even apologetically. But he met her gaze with one of deep hurt and resentment.

Back in Season 3, when Jaime and Brienne were travelling together, he revealed the reason he killed Mad King Aerys: to prevent him from igniting the caches of Wildfire strewn throughout King’s Landing. Those stores of wildfire scattered throughout the city are part of the same supply Qyburn and Cersei used to destroy the Sept. Loads of fans on the Game of Thrones subreddit seem pretty convinced that Jaime will become a Queenslayer in order to save the inhabitants of King’s Landing a second time, but we’re not so sure. The minds behind Game of Thrones, most of all A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin, have a knack for upending fans’ expectations of where the story will go next.

It’s entirely possible these two will have one another’s backs until the end. Even the two previous deaths of their children couldn’t drive them apart. (Remember that scene in the Sept next to Joffrey’s body?) Jaime may be horrified by what Cersei has done, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Their entire relationship is a dark sin, and Cersei's recklessness has already (albeit indirectly) led to the deaths of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tywin. And lets not forget she imprisoned Tyrion and sentenced him to die. Is there really a point of no return for these two at this point?

What’s more, if Jaime did betray Cersei, where would he go? It’s hard to imagine a place for the embattled Lannisters (except Tyrion) in the emerging Starkgaryen world order. Even with Brienne vouching for him, Jaime could never have a place amongst the forces of the North, not after Ned’s beheading and the Red Wedding. Maybe they’ll flee King’s Landing (or the smoldering green ashes thereof) for Casterly Rock, but it seems these sibling lovebirds probably won’t survive until the end of the series, even with Euron’s assistance.

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We’ll get a better sense of where Cersei stands after Game of Thrones Season 7 debuts July 16. In the meantime, be sure to check out more of our Game of Thrones news, predictions and theories!

Do you think Cersei will make it to the end of Season 8 of Game of Thrones? Do you think she’ll form an alliance with Euron, or see Tyrion ever again? Feel free to talk all things Westeros in the comments!

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