How To Get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Armor In Breath Of The Wild

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salvager armor zelda breath of the wild
The entire Salvager Armor equipped Nintendo

The most recent Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Direct gave details on collaboration with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . In the latest update for Breath of the Wild , Link can now receive the armor that Rex will wear in the upcoming Switch game.

Download the free update and you’ll receive a notification that a new side quest has been added to your log. The header is titled “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” and will include this riddle:

“The southern sky from the middle of the largest bridge. The eastern sky from the skull’s left eye. The southeastern sky from the peak of the tall, pierced snowy mountain.”

This riddle is referring to these three locations:

  • The Bridge of Hylia in the middle of Lake Hylia.

  • An island inside Skull Lake — the one with Zuna Kai shrine.

  • The top of Hebra Peak, which is within the Hebra region.

Reach each location and wait for 9 p.m., or light a fire and rest there until night. If you did this correctly, a pink shooting star will appear in the sky and land somewhere in the distance. There are different  locations for each of the three pieces of the Salvager armor.

The Salvager armor allows for quicker swim speed so if you’re struggling with the water areas of Breath of the Wild, you’ll want to pick it up.


salvager head zelda breath of the wild
The Salvager Headwear in BOTW Photo: Nintendo

At the Bridge of Hylia you can either travel from either Ya Naga or Pumaag Nitae. Another option is to glide from the bridge to the location. The treasure chest is close to the southern side of the shore.

salvager headwear zelda breath of the wild location
The location of the Salvager Headwear Photo: Nintendo


salvager vest zelda breath of the wild
The Salvager Vest in BOTW Photo: Nintendo

Warp to the Zuna Kai shrine or travel north from Tutsuwa Nima, or east from Gorae Torr to get to Skull Lake.

From here, stand on the right eye of the skeleton to reveal the treasure chest.

salvager vest zelda breath of the wild location
The location of the Salvager Vest in BOTW Photo: Nintendo


salvager trousers zelda breath of the wild
The Salvager Trousers in BOTW Photo: Nintendo

Get to Hebra Peak by warping to the Goma Asaagh shrine. Find the shooting star and keep an eye on where it lands. Glide over to the area and open the treasure chest to receive the Trousers.

salvager trousers location breath of the wild zelda
The location of the Salvager Trousers Photo: Nintendo

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