Latest Xbox One Update Brings Custom Gamerpics, Co-Streaming And More

New features like custom gamerpics are now available on Xbox One consoles Microsoft

Xbox One consoles have been updated today, adding many new features like custom gamerpics, co-streaming and more. This information comes from a post on the Major Nelson website.

One of the most requested features is custom gamerpics, and Xbox One players will now be able to upload their own shots to an Xbox One console. Uploading will be available from your console, a Windows 10 PC or a mobile phone. Players can also customize background pictures and club profile pictures as well.

As for streaming, the Mixer app will now allow up to four players to create a shared, multi-view stream. This will allow you and a few friends to all stream together at the same time. To get a co-stream started, simply start a stream and select “invite to co-stream” from a friend’s profile. Like any other invite, to accept, hold down the Xbox button.

Arena is also getting an update, allowing users to create tournaments for Killer Instinct . To create a tournament, go to the club you want hosting the tournament and select “create tournament.” After you name it and give it a description, determine the rules and start time for the tournament and you’ll be ready to go.

The Xbox app on iOS and Android is also getting an update. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to look at all the available games to play through the service and can filter through the games to find ones that sound interesting. The app will also allow you to download a game to your console while you are away.

As an added feature on Android phones, the Xbox app is introducing “chat bubbles.” These sound like Facebook Messenger bubbles, allowing you to talk to a friend without opening a new app.

The last feature is special log-ins based on controllers. If you have multiple accounts and multiple controllers for your Xbox One, you can now pair specific controllers with profiles. This means if you want to sign on, you can grab your controller and it will log you in, whereas your brother or sister could have his or her own controller that, when activated, knows to log that profile in. These options can be found in the “sign-in, security & passkey” option in Settings.

So what do you think? Are you happy to see any of these new features now on Xbox One consoles? What do you hope is included in the next update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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