Xbox One Elite Controller Upgrade Leaked In China

The Xbox One Elite controller could be getting an upgrade soon
The Xbox One Elite controller could be getting an upgrade soon Microsoft

The Xbox One Elite controller is getting an upgrade, assuming a post on a Chinese website is accurate. If true, the Elite controller will add USB-C charging, Bluetooth capabilities and more.

As seen on Baidu, the post reveals a number of pictures of the new controller. Along with the photos, a description mentions the new Elite controller will have a USB-C connection including a MagSafe-type magnetic charging port, can save up to three different preset configurations, a built-in rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth wireless functionality with Windows 10 PCs. It should be noted that this description was translated from Chinese using the built-in translation tools on Chrome, so there could be some translation errors.

Other features mentioned in the post that aren’t as clear from the translation include something about the RT and LT triggers having a three-stage locking mechanism (Elite controllers available now only have a two-stage lock), lights on the controller, and some buttons being stiff enough that you can’t accidentally press them.

As far as rumors go, this one feels pretty solid. There are photographs of the controller showing the new features. While we’ve been duped by photos in the past, with some hoax-makers going so far as to actually 3D print fake controllers to fool gaming fans, these seem like small enough improvements for the Elite controller to be true. That said, not including a full picture of the controller is a little odd, but it probably doesn’t look too different from the Elite controller already available.

The Xbox One Elite controller was originally released in 2015. It includes swappable parts, allowing players to customize the thumbsticks, directional pad and more. The controller also includes toggles on the back, allowing players to remap game controls. The Elite controller costs around $150, but if this “Version 2” controller is released, prices on the original Elite could go down.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the rumored upgrades included in the improved Xbox One Elite controller? Do you think this is real or a high quality hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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