Xbox Game Pass' New Advertisement Is Cringeworthy

It seems that game streaming is becoming a major feature in the industry that players are very much interested in. Xbox has already started the new generation of video game streaming with its xCloud service. Although xCloud is an impressive video game streaming service, the new advertisement that Xbox shared today is both impressive and not impressive at the same time. 

Given that Xbox has already made all its major announcements, including the Xbox Series S/X launch date and price reveal, the company seems to be having a little bit of fun lately. Xbox shared a short music video promoting Xbox Game Pass, and it could potentially go viral. 

The music video features trippy beats and corny lyrics but it seems that it was all intentional. The lyrics also highlight the features and details for xCloud, including that the service has over 100 games ready for streaming, that the service is available on Android devices and tablets, and all of it is packaged with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. 

The advertisement repeatedly mentions the phrase "so many games" to point out that for $15 a month, the subscription grants access to over 100 games, including all Xbox-exclusive releases on day one. Moreover, it also reminds players that the service allows them to play these games anywhere and at any time. The advertisement also emphasized that the service is only coming to Android devices, reminding players that the service isn't available on iOS devices. 

Even though Xbox Game Pass has gone out of the beta, the advertisement mentioned that game streaming is still in the beta phase. Despite the advertisement being cringy, it does share all the important information players want to know about the service. So, that's commendable!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for Xbox and PC.

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