Xbox Error 0x87dd0004: Is Acount.Live.Com Down?

xbox live down
Xbox live down 0x87dd0004 Microsoft

Are you getting Xbox Error 0x87dd0004? Are you having trouble logging into your Xbox Live account? You aren’t the only one, it seems is down and users are unable to log in. I’ve been trying to get on my Xbox and try the new Overwatch character, but I just keep getting the same error message.

Xbox support is aware of the problem and doing what they can to fix it, but until then you are just going to wait to play your hard-earned games. Most Xbox users can’t log in and there’s nothing that can be done until it’s fixed. The only thing you can do is watch the Xbox server status page and wait for their engineers to get everything up and running again.



If you are seeing the error message “0x87dd0004” while trying to log in to your profile, that’s an error on Xbox’s end. Thousands of users are locked out and rightfully frustrated. I can’t even use Netflix or YouTube, how am I supposed to get through the work day?



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