World of Warships: Update 12.1 Introduces Global Combat Missions and More

Update 12.1
Update 12.1 Wargaming Studios

Update 12.1 is bringing Global Combat Missions to World of Warships. This patch is expected to roll out on February 15 at 5 a.m. EST.

Global Combat Missions in World of Warships are missions that require community participation. They are offered as individual missions or as part of a chain where players need to accomplish them sequentially. Players who have contributed to the global combat mission progress will receive a reward upon completion.

As for mission chains, players are eligible to receive the final reward just by participating in at least one of the parts. However, they cannot receive rewards for the parts of the mission chain that they have not completed. It’s important to note that the global combat mission chain will only be available once the new British submarines arrive in World of Warships, which is three weeks after Update 12.1 goes live.

The upcoming patch is going to implement balancing changes and bug fixes as well. Here are some of them:

  • Heavier Torpedo Warheads (Daring, 5th slot)
    • Added a –5% bonus to the ship's detectability range by sea.
    • Bonus to torpedo tube reload time increased from –10 to –20%.
  • Improved Main Artillery (Yueyang, 5th slot)
    • Bonus to main battery reload time increased from –15 to –18%.
  • Improved Camouflage Patterns (Kléber, 6th slot)
    • Penalty applied to main battery reload time reduced from +80 to +60%.
  • Torpedo Fire-Control System (Z-52, 5th slot)
    • Added a +5% bonus to torpedo speed.
  • Modified External Hardpoints (Midway, 6th slot)
    • Bonus to bomber cruising speed reduced from +10 to +5%.
  • Fuel Injection System (Hakuryū, 6th slot)
    • Bonus to maximum squadron speed reduced from +15 to +12.5%.
    • Penalty to engine boost action time increased from –20 to –30%.
  • Improved Main Battery Loading Mechanisms (Henri IV, 5th slot)
    • Bonus to main battery reload time reduced from –12 to –10%.
    • Bonus to main battery firing range reduced from +8 to +5%.
  • Aerosol Smoke Curtain System (Minotaur, 5th slot)
    • Bonus to Smoke Generator consumable action time increased from +150 to +300%.
    • Penalty to smoke screen dispersion time increased from –15 to –20%.
  • Automated Main Battery Loading Mechanism (Kremlin, 6th slot)
    • Removed the penalty applied to the number of ship consumable charges.
  • The Distant Voyages Premium container has been updated:
    • The container will now drop three items at once.
    • The drop rate of the permanent camouflage has been increased: It will be included in one of the slots with a 50% chance of dropping.
    • The guaranteed drop counter value has been changed: The number of containers you need to open for a guaranteed reward drop from a group of unique items has been reduced from 17 to 5.
  • Fixed a bug that caused aircraft catapult models to collide when launching aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shipmates and Recruiters in the Recruiting Station to be displayed incorrectly in the contacts list.
  • Removed the Recurring tab from the Combat Missions section.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the flag to flutter incorrectly on ships in the Fjords Port.
  • Fixed a bug that caused water textures to display incorrectly on the Operation Killer Whale map.

So, are you going to participate in global combat missions once they’re available in World of Warships Update 12.1?

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