World of Warships Bringing Superships to the Fight

Look who's joining the battle.
Look who's joining the battle. Wargaming

It took a while, but Superships are finally making their presence felt in World of Warships. That's right! They're being introduced to the Tech Tree permanently. Superships are placed in the Tech Tree just after the Tier X Ships.

We say it took a while because they had to go through a lot of testing. There was the Grand Battle back in Update 0.10.5 and the Ranked Battles during the Fifth Season. There were also the Co-op Battles from Update 0.10.10 and the Random Battles from Update 0.11.0.

The thing to remember is that despite being officially part of the game, they won't serve as a continuation of their respective branches. That's because Superships introduce new mechanics to the game. There's also a rather noticeable qualitative jump from Tier X ships. As a result, Superships are available to players who have researched or owned at least three Tier X ships.

It should be worth noting that the cost of buying Superships depends on their type and these are:

  • Super battleships: 57 million Credits
  • Super carriers: 48 million Credits
  • Super cruisers: 47.5 million Credits
  • Super destroyers: 45 million Credits

Superships Economy

When Superships were added to the Tech Tree, one important consideration was the battle economy - earnings per battle and service costs. Since its launch, the in-game economy has accelerated significantly, mainly because of different bonuses and numerous economic signals. Plus, earning Credits became easier.

For Superships, the approach was done differently to curb their popularity in the matchmaker and allow Tier X ships to have an economic advantage. Details include:

  • Superships yield Credits at the level of Tier X ships.
  • The cost of servicing superships is 360,000 Credits.
  • Permanent camouflages for Superships are purchased separately from the ships. This is similar to other researchable ships from the Tech Tree.
  • ​The permanent camouflage of Superships won't reduce their service cost or increase their Credit earnings. However, it provides a larger XP bonus compared with permanent camouflages for Tier X ships.
  • ​Permanent camouflages provided with rental Superships on player accounts are removed.

Here are the other things you may need to know about this new feature:

  • Superships won’t interact with the Research Bureau and won’t be sold after you reset a branch.
  • Tier IX and X ships enter battles with Superships with restrictions similar to the limits on the number of ships of different tiers and on the number of bottom-tier battles in Tier VIII–X battles. Single-tier battles involving only Superships are also possible.
  • ​Superships are classified as “researchable” ships in the game. This means that Commanders must complete their retraining when they are assigned to Superships.

Learn more about Superships and what they bring to the game here. World of Warships is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS.

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