World of Warships Brings Out the Big Guns with German Destroyers

The Germans are here!
The Germans are here! Wargaming

Back in March, World of Warships introduced us to the beauty of Italian Battleships. This time around, the game brings the German Destroyer. Arriving with Update 0.10.3, players get to enjoy the German Tier VII-IX destroyers. There’s also the updated Hamburg Dockyard where they can build a new German destroyer.

Here Come the Germans

While the arrival of the new destroyer is indeed exciting, it's just a portion of the first part of the two-part update. Before the new update, however, let’s take a look at the features of this new Ship Branch:

  • Accurate main battery guns with 150 mm caliber, considered as large for this ship type.
  • AP shells that offer a decent amount of penetration with improved shell ricochet angles.
    • The shells can deal significant damage against cruisers.
  • ​Has good armor.
    • Can protect effectively versus HE shells of most destroyers and have large HP pools.
    • When combined with artillery, it gives players special gameplay, especially with these new destroyers.
  • The high detectability of the ships along with the low damage per minute of HE shells means that the destroyers aren't as effective when trying to get control of Key Areas.
  • The Smoke Generator consumable further improves the survivability of the new ships.
  • Beginning at Tier IX, the destroyers get the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
    • This lets the ships face enemy squadrons with greater confidence.
  • Their torpedoes deal heavy damage, have good range and good reload time.
    • The torpedoes are rather slow though.
Get to enjoy these new ships.
Get to enjoy these new ships. Wargaming

Head to the Docks

As mentioned, Update 0.10.3 brings the updated version of the Hamburg Dockyard. With this new structure, players can build the IX ZF-6 German destroyer, which features the following:

  • Decent concealment
  • AP shells that do significant damage
    • Shells have enhanced ricochet angles.
  • Has these consumables:
    • Engine Boost
    • Smoke Generator
    • Defensive AA Fire

The IX ZF-6 also has what’s known as the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable, which is a good item to have when going against other destroyers. The ship can also do pretty well against targets that have heavy armor with its torpedoes. Now the torpedoes may have high detectability but this is offset by the decent reload time and heavy damage.

When countering destroyers, the ship can take advantage of the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. When it comes to heavily armored targets, her fast torpedoes can inflict heavy damage but they are quite easy to detect. So you must leverage their decent reload time.

Build ships of destruction.
Build ships of destruction. Wargaming

Learn more about Update 0.10.3 here.

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