World of Warships Blitz: New Premium Ships and Ship Skills Added in Update 5.4

Update 5.4
Update 5.4 Wargaming Studio

Developers of World of Warships Blitz deployed Update 5.4 recently. This patch brings new premium ships and ship skills to the game.

One of the new ships that you might fancy is the Tier VI Soviet Battleship Novorossiysk. This is one of the most accurate Tier VI battleships, thanks to its Soviet AA machine guns with favorable dispersion. Although it has low health and armor compared to other vessels in its class, the ship’s mobility and considerable range pretty much make up for its shortcomings.

Novorossiysk’s Friar Gaze Camouflage
Novorossiysk’s Friar Gaze Camouflage Wargaming Studio

Designed as a large light cruiser, the Tier X Battleship Incomparable is another noteworthy addition to the game. You might shy away from this ship due to its low health pool, but because it has access to the Repair Party, it can fix its damaged parts better than other Tier X ships. In terms of firepower, Incomparable has it all. It’s got the highest per-shell armor piercing alpha damage in World of Warships Blitz, and it has an accurate main battery, with a 2.0 sigma and low maximum dispersion.

Incomparable’s Victorian White Camouflage
Incomparable’s Victorian White Camouflage Wargaming Studio

New ship skills are also added in Update 5.4. You can read about them below:

  • Rapid Reload IV
    • Increases main gun reload speed by 75% for 10 seconds. Cooldown time: 75 seconds.
  • Air Defense Alert IV
    • Increases AA range by 15%, increases large-caliber AA damage by 100%, and small-caliber AA damage by 200% for 20 seconds. Cooldown time: 60 seconds
  • Emergency Engine Accelerator
    • Increases maximum speed and acceleration by 20% for 12 seconds. Cooldown time: 40 seconds.
  • Exhaust Fuel Smoke
    • Sets a fuel smoke screen for 6 seconds; fuel smoke is active for 2 seconds. Cooldown time: 40 seconds. Attention: Fuel smoke will fully cover you even while moving at maximum speed but dissipates more quickly than a normal smoke screen.
New Premium Ships
  • Soviet Tier VI battleship Novorossiysk
  • Soviet Tier VII cruiser Lazo
  • USS Tier VIII destroyer Kidd
  • French Tier IX cruiser Carnot
  • U.K. Tier X battleship Incomparable
Legendary Equipment
  • Japanese Tier X destroyer Shimakaze: Torpedo Tube Modification
    • Torpedo reload time decreased by 8%
    • Torpedo Tube Traverse Speed increased by 8%
    • Torpedo Tube Survivability decreased by 40%
  • Soviet Tier X destroyer Grozovoi: Torpedo Tube Modification
    • Torpedo reload time decreased by 8%
    • Torpedo Speed increased by 8%
    • Torpedo Range decreased by 6%
  • Soviet Tier X cruiser Petropavlovsk: Armament Modification
    • Main Battery Survivability increased by 50%
    • Main Battery Traverse Speed increased by 10%
    • Main Battery Reload Time decreased by 4%

World of Warships Blitz Update 5.4 is available on Android and iOS.

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