World of Warships Blitz Four New Commanders Introduced in Update 5.5

Update 5.5
Update 5.5 Wargaming Studios

World of Warships Blitz Update 5.5 is now available on all platforms. This new patch introduces four new commanders with skills that can help turn the tide of battle.

There are two new Japanese commanders in the latest patch for World of Warships Blitz. The first is Mitsuo Fuchida who has the Aerobatic Maneuver+ and Torpedo Bomber Expert skills. The former increases the return speed of all aircraft squadrons, while the latter reduces the arming distance of torpedo bombers, enabling them to drop the bombs closer to the target for better accuracy.

The second Japanese commander introduced in Update 5.5 is The Crimson Shogun. This commander is pretty balanced when it comes to offense and defense, thanks to Victorious Charge+ and Honor Seeker+ skills.

Yi Sun-Sin is a new Pan-Asian commander that specializes in ensuring that the enemy is completely destroyed. For example, the commander’s Exploit Weakness is a skill that increases damage done to enemy ships currently on fire.

The last new commander of the bunch is D. Miller. This American commander is best used for his defensive prowess, thanks to his Air Defense Expert+ and Recon and Surveillance+ skills.

New premium ships are also on offer in Update 5.5. This includes the German Tier VI Destroyer Karl von Schönberg, the French Tier VII Cruiser Toulon, and the European Tier X Destroyer Småland, among others.

Patch Notes

  • The nation flag for all servers is going to be removed from the server-related page — the "Select Region” and “Account” screens.
  • Tier X Delny
    • A project of the Tashkent-class destroyer leader that was improved taking experience gained in warfare into account. Her torpedo armament and more advanced artillery are of a post-war design.
  • Tier VII Chumphon
    • An American-built Atlanta-class light cruiser. Compared to the initial project, she had enhanced short-range AA armament at the cost of a reduced number of main battery turrets.
  • Tier VIII Harbin
    • A small cruiser with dual-purpose artillery, this project was developed in the U.S.S.R. at the turn of 1930s (MK-6). The ship was primarily designed to counter enemy destroyers.
  • Tier IX Sejong
    • A variant of the light cruiser project developed in the United States during World War II, armed with 127 mm dual-purpose guns of a new generation.
  • Tier X Jinan
    • A variant of a light cruiser developed in the United States at the end of World War II (CL-154), with reinforced torpedo armament.
  • Pan-Asian Tier VI cruiser Black Huanghe
    • A British light cruiser (HMS Aurora) intended to carry out close reconnaissance and counter-destroyer operations. In 1948, the ship was transferred to an East Asian nation.
  • French Tier X battleship Black République
    • A variant of a battleship design from the post-war period. Her main distinguishing features were very powerful AA guns and 431 mm main battery guns that were developed in France in the late 1930s.

World of Warships: Blitz Update 5.5 is available on Android and iOS.

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