World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hunter's Mad Bombardier Damage Bonus Nerfed in August 8 Hotfix

August 8 Update
August 8 Update Twitter/@Warcraft

It seems that Survival Hunters in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands are still able to deal significant amounts of multi-target damage thanks to Mad Bombardier. Blizzard is aware of this, which prompted the company to release a new patch.

The four-piece set bonus of the Godstalker’s Battlegear gives Survival Hunters a buff that makes Wildfire Bombs deal 20% additional damage. This bonus is increased to 70% for bombs empowered by Mad Bombardier. That said, Blizzard thinks that 70% is too much, especially in multi-target situations. Thus, the damage bonus of Mad Bombardier is reduced to 50% in the August 8 hotfix.

While Survival Hunters may not be as effective now in multi-target scenarios due to the nerf, Blizzard is compensating by buffing the damage of Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike, Serpent Sting, and Kill Command by 20%. Keep in mind that the increase in damage on these single-target abilities does not apply to PvP.

This patch also brings other changes, which you can read below:

  • Destruction
    • Rain of Fire damage reduced by 20%
    • Infernal’s Immolation Aura reduced by 20%
  • Fixed an issue that caused listed Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks keystones to not appear in the Group Finder UI when searching by keystone level.
  • Shrouded
    • Zul'gamux now casts Blood Barrier less often.
    • Zul'gamux has found a new location to hide in Return to Karazhan: Upper.
Grimrail Depot
  • Grom'kar Far Seer's Storm Shield can now be purged.
  • Grom'kar Cinderseer will no longer cast Lava Wreath.
  • Railmaster Rocketspark
    • Borka the Brute's Mad Dash damage reduced by 30%.
  • Skylord Tovra
    • Thunderous Breath initial damage reduced by 25%.
Iron Docks
  • Fleshrender Nok’gar
    • Dreadfang's Shredding Swipes should no longer hit players multiple times.
  • Oshir
    • Feeding Frenzy now requires Oshir to suffer 5% damage to be interrupted (was 8%).
  • Skulloc
    • Skulloc's melee damage reduced by 15%.
    • Koramar will no longer cast Shattering Blade.
Return to Karazhan: Lower
  • Ghostly Philanthropist will no longer cast Throw Coin.
  • Gang Ruffian's Poisonous Shank damage reduced by 30%.
  • The Opera Hall: Wikket
    • Winged Assistant health reduced by 30%.
  • Moroes
    • Moroes' Garrote duration reduced to 1 minute (was permanent).
    • Moroes’ Dinner Party effect now increases the damage and attack speed of nearby dinner guests by 50% (was 100%).
Return to Karazhan: Upper
  • Shade of Medivh
    • Flame Wreath damage reduced by 30%.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Great Vault to display the wrong item level for upcoming rewards.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands August 8 Hotfix is available on PC.

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