'World Of Warcraft: Legion' Launch Trailer 'The Fate Of Azeroth': 'All Worlds Will Burn' [VIDEO]

legion world of warcraft expansion
World of Warcraft: Legion. (c) Blizzard

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Legion launches tomorrow, and Blizzard has released a special launch trailer for the occasion. Check out World of Warcraft: Legion ’s cinematic launch trailer “The Fate of Azeroth” below:

This time around, the bad guys are the Burning Legion, the massive demon army that’s driven Azeroth’s misery since World of Warcraft first launched. Does taking on the biggest baddies to have haunted Azeroth’s history mean that the Warcraft team’s all tapped out?

"From our perspective, it always feels like we have too much stuff to cover still. There’s a whole level of titans and old gods that we’ve kind of touched on, but we haven’t really dug into a lot of that stuff,” said senior art director Chris Robinson to Polygon.

Another team member was more direct. "It’s time to fight the Burning Legion," said World of Warcraft lead narrative designer Dave Kosak in an interview with Polygon. "It’s time. It’s been dangling over our heads for a long time. Let’s just do it and do it right."

For more details on World of Warcraft: Legion, check out the pre- Legion patch overview and notes. Are you ready to defend Azeroth on Aug. 30? Feel free to talk the latest World of Warcraft expansion in our comments section below.


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