World Of Warcraft’s Latest Update Fixes Battle For Azeroth Issues

Slight nerf done for Memory of Lucid Dreams.
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World of Warcraft's latest update issues a number of hotfixes.
World of Warcraft's latest update issues a number of hotfixes. Blizzard

Blizzard released hotfixes intended to answer a number of issues related to World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth. While some of the fixes went into effect once they were implemented, Blizzard said that others may need some scheduled realm restarts in order to go into effect. In addition, some of the issues cannot be addressed as long as there is no client-side patch update.

One issue fixed was related to the Memory of Lucid Dreams (Essence). For one, the update resolved an issue that resulted in this Essence breaking the user’s stealth, especially when refunding resources. In addition, the Major Power has been corrected and now lasts the full duration for Fire Mages, Frost Mages, and Protection Paladins. The proc rate of the Minor Power has also been lowered when used by Fire Mages.

According to the developers, the Minor Power of this Essence comes with a custom implementation for Fire Mages and how it interacts with Fire Blast charges. However, this resulted in Memory of Lucid Dreams being too strong in relation to the other Minor Powers of this essence. Thus, the proc rate has been reduced by 33% for Fire Mages. This amount is just enough to keep it as a strong option for the Minor Slot, but remains closer to the potency of other Minor Powers.

Another changes is that the Minor Power of the Crucible of Flames’ (Essence) no longer procs when casting abilities that apply crowd control to a target. There was also the problem of the Purification Protocol's (Essence) Minor Power correctly generating threat when damaging enemies. The bug that prevented this has since been fixed. Finally, the damage and healing granted from Omnipotence (Azerite Trait) now resets at the start of encounters and Arena matches.

It’s not just about the Battle for Azeroth, as there are also a number of general fixes added as well. In the Brawler’s Guild, for example, the stacks of Stitches’ Aura of Rot now fall off when players leave the affected area.

For Classes, at the beginning of a raid encounter, Rage is now limited to a maximum of 25. Another change was for the Rogue class. The update solved the problem of Sap being prevented from breaking when specific spells were cast on affected targets such as Concentrated Flame (Essence). Further, Ancient Flame, the debuff of Crucible of Flame Essence, no long removes the rogue from Stealth.

A complete list of changes and fixes with the July 23 update can be viewed here.

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