World of Warcraft: Here's A Quick Guide to the Upcoming Hero Talents Feature

A new feature is coming soon. Blizzard

A new expansion is set to be released next year in World of Warcraft. It's going to introduce players to subterranean worlds that's filled not only with hidden wonders but also lurking perils. There's also going to be new features added and one of these is known as Hero Talents. It's a new update to the game's classes and introduces new powers along with new class fantasies. Today we're going to take a closer look at what this feature is all about.

A Brief Look

Basically, Hero Talents are self-contained talent players which players can unlock once they reach level 71. Players can choose one Hero Talent tree to activate on a character. Most classes have three Hero Talent trees. The two exceptions are Druid which has four and Demon Hunter which offers two. In addition, each specialization of a class gets to access between two Hero Talent trees.

As an example, let's take the Warrior class. These are melee fighters which have been trained in the arts of weaponry. This class has three specializations which are Arms, Fury, and Protection.

There are a total of 11 nodes for each Hero Talent tree. The first gets unlocked at level 71. After that they earn 1 talent point for each level until level 80. This means players should have access to each talent in the tree once they reach level 80.

Top and Bottom

Each Hero Talent tree starts with what's known as a "keystone" talent. It's the one that introduces the core mechanic as well as concept of the tree. This talent can be a new ability, an enhancement to an existing ability or cooldown, or even a new buff which players can trigger. At the bottom of the tree is the "capstone" talent which either builds on the core themes of the three or adds new power to the keystone.

Utility and Defensiveness

Each tree is going to offer or modify some class utility and can even include defensive bonuses which are useful to all specializations. The development team had revealed that they wanted all trees to be equal in amount when it comes to the amount of utility and defensiveness provided.

For example, characters that can take on the role of a tank could have trees which allow for defense bonuses. These same trees may not be as useful for damage dealers or even healers.

Exciting as this new feature may be, it's important to remember that Hero Talents are meant to add enough damage or healing without overshadowing the current class and spec tree talents.

What do you think so far? Excited to see what Hero Talents have to offer?

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