World Of Warcraft Guilds Gearing Up To Be The First To Beat Queen Azshara In Mythic Raid

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Mythic Difficulty Raid Set
Mythic Difficulty Raid Set Blizzard

The entire World of Warcraft community is excited to see which guild is going to be the first to complete the Azshara’s Eternal Palace Mythic raid. To up the excitement, two of the world's most dominant raid guilds are going to take up residency at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. The two guilds are streaming their attempt in a battle to be the "World First."

The two guilds competing are the North American raid guild "Limit" against the European "Pieces." The battle is going to be live for 24 hours a day on The goal is, of course, to be the first guild to bring down Queen Azshara.

It's not a simply livestream, as Red Bull is also going to host broadcast talent for the entire roster which includes:

  • Daniel ‘AutomaticJak’ Anzenberger
  • Rich Campbell
  • Michael 'Sonii' Sherman
  • Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters
  • Matthew 'Staysafe' Morse
  • Caroline ‘Nagura’ Forer
  • Alex ‘Snodz’ Byfield
  • Calum ‘Gelubaba’ Fraser
  • Ashwin ‘Jet’ Panikkar
  • James ‘Kargoz’ Heldridge
  • Daniel ‘MrGM’ Carter

Other details of this livestream include:

  • Beginning July 16, the two raiding guilds are going to attempt the next "World First" live from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
  • Limit is going to stream during North America raiding hours which begins 11:00 a.m. EST. Pieces, meanwhile, is going to play during EU raiding times.
  • This is a true global race as the official stream also features Guilds from all over the world such as:
    • AFK-R
    • Aversion
    • Alpha
    • Exorsus
    • FatSharkYes
    • Honestly
    • Ji Tian Hong
    • ScrubBusters

The Rise of Azshara was officially launched June 25 with the 8.2 patch for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. While the raid started last July 9, the top PvE guilds in the world are preparing for the big event on July 16. This is because the date marks the beginning of the mythic difficulty level. Considered the most challenging setting of the game, the different guilds are going to to try and be the first to bring down all eight bosses of the raid. The first guild to defeat Queen Azshara on mythic difficult is going to be considered the winner.

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