World War Z Will Get Its Six Skulls Update Later This Week

Plus a look at the updated content roadmap for the coming months.
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World War Z got an updated roadmap for future content, and its Six Skulls Update will be dropping later this week.
World War Z got an updated roadmap for future content, and its Six Skulls Update will be dropping later this week. Focus Home Interactive

World War Z continues its conquest for new, expansive content, as publisher Focus Home Interactive rolls out the next phase in its huge set of plans for the co-op zombie shooter.

It’s been a great two months for World War Z, as its success across multiple platforms has made it a very competent and exciting alternative to Left 4 Dead, which first popularized the 4-player co-op zombie shooter formula. Despite earlier misgivings with regards to exclusivity, Saber Interactive, the developer behind World War Z, has reported that it sold 700,000 copies on the Epic Games Store on PC, and this version is seen as the bestseller among all digital storefronts.

Now, Saber and Focus Home are once again looking to capitalize on this success with the announcement of two things: an updated roadmap, which showcases what we can expect from World War Z in the coming months, and an announcement on the Six Skulls update, which will be arriving later this week. Check out both tweets below straight from the World War Z official Twitter page.

First, let’s take a look at the Six Skulls Update. This is the next major update following the Undead Sea Update, which introduced a new mission and a new zombie. The Six Skulls Update will add a new difficulty to surpass the current Five Skulls, and will test the very limits of participating survivors. Having played the Five Skulls difficulty in some missions, I can tell you that it’s rather important to have other people you know play with you, instead of queueing up on the lobby with random people. Trust me, you do not want to play it any other way.

The Six Skulls Update will also yield two unique rewards for competing this level of difficulty: a Wazikashi melee weapon, and a cool-looking and very outfitted unique sniper rifle.

Checking back on the updated roadmap and we also see that “The Big Update” for the game is slated to arrive sometime this month, and will bring along with it a host of new content. This includes a weekly challenge mode with special difficulty modifiers, new weapons and weapon variants, new character skins and new character cosmetics and accessories. All of these updates are for free, which means that now is a good time to check back into World War Z with your friends to prepare for the incoming higher difficulty tier.

World War Z is now available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on PC.

World War Z
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