World War Z Patch 1.02 Has Been Deployed, Targets Launch Connectivity Issues

The game's first update looks to improve online performance and address connection issues.
World War Z's first update rolls out, which seeks to fix connection issues.
World War Z's first update rolls out, which seeks to fix connection issues. Saber Interactive

It hasn’t been long since the launch of Saber Interactive’s World War Z but it is already suffering from minor issues like connectivity, to major issues like lost progress. Thankfully, the company was quick to act and release update 1.02 with the goal to fix all the bugs annoying their players.

The World War Z 1.02 patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue with Lobo Bundle DLC not available to certain users
  • Fixed an issue that prevented US players from playing with other regions
  • Fixed some of the connectivity issues

In my upcoming review of the game, I mention its incredibly shoddy connectivity issues as a minor detriment and oversight that greatly impacted my playthrough. It’s not hard to see why. For most of the players who bought it, World War Z is primarily a multiplayer game, and most of these players are all looking to play it with their friends.

If you are also experiencing connectivity issues and want to play the game without going through them, I have found that playing in offline mode has no real issues, but you will have to play with bots. While this is not the optimal way to actually play the game, it can help tide over some people who want to see how the zombies work in action, and maybe grind out some levels for their chosen classes and weapons.

UPDATE: There are still some complaints going around even after downloading Patch 1.02. I suggest that in the meantime you should download the patch and see what happens since it worked for other players. I have tested it and while I can confirm that connectivity is far better than what it was before, I am still facing some minor stuttering issues that I can attribute to server lag.

Saber Interactive is continually patching the game as you’re reading this article in hopes to rid the game of its major problem and some of the bugs found. It's up for debate whether the connectivity issues will be fixed in a timely manner, but I do hope it does, because I had an absolute blast playing it, and I hope that the other players who purchased it will be able to play it as well without the issues that drag it down. World War Z is out now for the PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on PC.

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