World War Z Celebrates Two Million Copies Sold

Saber Interactive also releases an accolades trailer to celebrate the milestone.
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World War Z reaches two million copies sold.
World War Z reaches two million copies sold. Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive’s co-op zombie shooter World War Z reached another milestone, this time making it a certified sleeper hit. The zombie-filled game reached its first achievement a week after its release, during which World War Z managed to top the UK Sales Charts and sell over one million copies across all platforms, a commendable milestone considering there were some doubts about the return of the zombie shooter genre.

It didn’t stop there, however. Now, a month after its release, and with most of the issues like bugs and glitches continually being ironed out, World War Z boasts another milestone; Saber Interactive’s take on the Left 4 Dead formula has now sold nearly two million copies in just one month.

After playing the game for myself (check out my review here), it’s not surprising that the title is doing well, as it turns out that there is still a booming market for co-op zombie shooters. True, World War Z shipped out with some game-breaking bugs and less than stellar server performance, but that did not stop players from thoroughly enjoying the title and giving it a shot.

A big part of its continued success can be attributed to its publisher, Focus Home Interactive. Since the month that it has released, the publisher has continued to listen to the community’s input via its many social media platforms. This way, most of the game’s known bugs and glitches were ironed out, and the community at large managed to enjoy the title the way it’s meant to be played.

Focus Home Interactive has since stated that World War Z has become one of the company's most successive titles to date. To celebrate that, they have released an accolades trailer for the game, showing the mostly positive reception World War Z has garnered from several well-known media outlets. Check it out below.

Focus Home Interactive has also released a post-launch roadmap for content to be added into the game, which should give more players an incentive to return. I recently found myself playing again, but I admit that I am just waiting for the new mission plus the higher difficulty settings promised by the roadmap, which are expected to drop soon.

World War Z is now available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on PC.

World War Z
World War Z Review: Great Potential Tainted By Mediocre Online Service
Underneath the connectivity issues and game-breaking bugs is a solid third-person zombie shooter in the vein of the classic Left 4 Dead series.
  • -Solid and weighty gunplay with a huge variety of guns
  • -Amazing game and level design
  • -Good replayability
  • -A stand-out co-op game, whenever the online works
  • -Bad connectivity issues in a primarily multiplayer game
  • -Presence of some game-breaking bugs
  • -Relatively small content size (unless updated)
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