Work X Work Renamed Heroland In The West, Release Coming Sometime This Year

It's also part of the publisher's E3 2019 lineup of games.
XSEED Games will be bringing Work x Work to Western audiences as Heroland, due out later this year.
XSEED Games will be bringing Work x Work to Western audiences as Heroland, due out later this year. XSEED Games

FuRyu’s Work x Work will be published by XSEED Games in the west for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 sometime later this year, and it will be renamed Heroland.

Work x Work first came out in Japan last year for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is a single-player role-playing game wherein you play the role of a tour guide who assists the guests of a theme park as they conquer dungeons, fight villains, and become legends.

The story of the game revolves around two friends of different origins.

The first is the crown prince of the Uishoal Kingdom, Elric Bausch. He fell 18 ranks down the ladder for the right to inherit the throne, thus giving him the nickname ‘18’. Despite him being quite a ladies’ man and his egoistical personality, Elric is actually friendly, kind, and thoughtful once you get to know him.

His total opposite is Pochio. He is the eldest son of a poor family that lives in the countryside. He has a real name, but everyone calls him Pochio, a nickname given to him by Prince 18. His real name is being slowly forgotten as time goes by. He is a hedonist who, of course, hates working. Pochio lives inside the theme park ‘Heroes Land’ working part time as an instructor.

The duo form an unexpected friendship as they journey to eradicate the real demon king. They met because of a misunderstanding on Prince 18’s part, as he thought that the demon king resides on the small island where Heroes Land stands. They soon find hints that lead them to the real demon king.

Prince 18 and Pochio will clear the theme park’s attractions side by side and rejoice at the sight of thrilling adventure in front of them. However, their different statures in life will be the reason for their conflicts. Prince 18 is undoubtedly a prince that carries royal blood, and Pochio is a mere pauper who knew poverty his whole life. As they solve their differences and become closer, Prince 18 will grow to become a rightful owner of the throne and Pochio will finally learn to open up and trust other people. They continue to advance on their journey with other comrades, like Prince 18’s childhood friend, the phantom thief, and a noble disguised as a police inspector as he chases the thief.

Heroland’s release date is still unknown as of now, although the title is part of XSEED Games' lineup for E3 2019, which means we may finally learn more about its impending release. Stay tuned here with us for more information once it drops.

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