‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Spoilers: Reddit Has Details About Three Villains, Possible Cameos, And DCEU Impact

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017. Warner Bros Studios

The following Wonder Woman spoilers are not verified and could be setting us up for disappointment. Some people are even under the impression there were two versions of the film shown at test screenings ? Who the fuck knows? But since you’ll probably read them anyway, we may as well discuss. Let’s just pray Wonder Woman can live up to the hype it deserves, and not flop like Suicide Squad or Dawn of Justice.

If you read any further, don't say we didn’t warn you. Spoilers ahead.


Not only does this post highly suggest it, but multiple sources report David Thewlis, aka Professor Lupin, is playing Ares, who seems to be one of three big bads. We likely haven’t seen him yet because there’s a ton of CGI in the film, as proved by the first look at his costume from the Toy Fair this weekend. If these reports are true, the God Killer sword was originally his, but was taken when the Amazons defeated him. By the end of the film, Diana reportedly realizes she is the God Killer, not the sword. If reports are true, “Ares loses his powers and is imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus.”


Another bad dude, who appears to be named Ludendorff, a german kaiser. He reportedly huffs blue super gas to make him strong. It’s not exactly clear whether that gas is the same crazy gas created by Doctor Poison, which Ares plans to use to create a war that so he gan regain his strength. There still seems to be some mystery to this character. It’s unclear if he’ll end up being from the comic books, but he’s certainly depicted as the film’s main villain and at the center of the plot twist.





Portrayed by Elena Anaya, her character is exactly as it sounds, a doctor of poison, a canon Wonder Woman villain. She makes a poison that Ares uses to make people go crazy and fight each other.


This reddit thread claims Huston’s character is who Wonder Woman belives to be Ares, and eventually stabs Ludendorff through the chest. It’s not until afterwards she realizes who Ares really is: David Thewlis.


Saw the name “Bruce Wayne,” but didn’t actually see Bruce Wayne. Other name drops include Superman and Barry Allen. But take this one with a grain of salt. There seem to be conflicting reports here. Some who claim to have seen the film report Batman shows up at the end.

Fans also got a glimpse of Zeus, rumored to be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they didn’t see his face.


The user compares the film to the first Captain America origin story, “but this film is more than just stopping the bad guy.” He says the plot is straightforward, unlike the past to DC movies. He says the acting is top-notch and wishes he was a Themysciran. And apparently Steve Trevor dies, which proves to Diana humans are worth saving.

“The Wonder Woman theme makes everything more badass.”


Diana, living in Paris, receives a letter from Bruce Wayne. Her response frames the movie. Reportedly, it takes place in the present and in the past, with Diana’s battle against Ares ending World War I. After Steve Trevor discovers a mystical book and crash lands in Themyscira, Wonder Woman offers to help him. He convinces the government the germans have chemical weapons. He and Wonder Woman assemble a team


One fan names a weak point as Danny Huston's character, and it has to do with the confusing gas weapon. but rates the film 9/10. Another viewer expands on that same statement, “He is highly under-developed. He just walks around and delivers one line dialogues.”

On the other hand, early reactions on Twitter also show promise, especially for Chris Pine, who is said to be the highlight of the movie.

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